Dodie: I'm just shopping. They got some new records in. Do you like Bop?

Al Goddard: Bop? Is that where everybody plays a different tune at the same time?

Dodie: You just haven't heard enough of it.

Earl Boettiger: What's the matter with you? You got a face a foot long.

Joe Regas: You look as if you just lost your best friend.

Al Goddard: I'm my best friend.

Joe Regas: That's what I said.

Maury Ahearn: You don't know what a love affair is.

Al Goddard: It's what goes on between a man and a .45 pistol that won't jam.

Al Goddard: Prayer's not gonna keep you from being killed.

Sister Augustine: People don't pray to keep from dying. They pray to keep from being disappointed when they do.

Al Goddard: You can rob Fort Knox and live, but steal a dime and kill a post office man, and they'll spend a million and a lifetime lookin' for you.

Al Goddard: How many nuns are there anyway?

Policeman: I don't know, Mr. Goddard. I never counted them.

Maury Ahearn: And remember one thing, Al. The biggest thing on your side isn't a pair of brass knuckles. It's time and men and patience.

Al Goddard: [Dryly] Thanks, and now do you mind if I find out who killed Harry Gruber?

Maury Ahearn: No. No, I'm sure you will, Al, because you're a good cop. But that's about all you are.

Al Goddard: You don't think very much of me, do you?

Sister Augustine: I think of everything, Mr. Goddard, but I feel sorry for you. I don't think you have a heart.

Al Goddard: Call it muscle. That's the way it is for a cop.

Sister Augustine: I don't believe you.

Al Goddard: When a cop dies, they don't listen to his heart fade. It's a charley horse in the chest.

Sister Augustine: I'll remember you in my prayers.

Al Goddard: Well, if I haven't anything else, i've got a good lawyer.

Earl Boettiger: Anybody ever tell you about murder? It's against the law.

Dodie: Can I give you a lift?

Al Goddard: You already have.

Earl Boettiger: I don't get it, Goddard. You go along one way for years, and all of a sudden you pull a complete switch. Why?

Al Goddard: Sooner or later every rooster wants to lay an egg.

Joe Regas: You're gonna take this Maxie's word? If somebody gave him a Bible to swear on, he'd steal it.

Dodie: You afraid of me, Al?

Al Goddard: Doesn't Earl ever get jealous?

Dodie: He understands. You can put strings on good women or bad women. But you can't do anything about lazy ones.

Al Goddard: You can beat 'em.

Dodie: They stay about the same. You can't make 'em do the right thing, or the wrong thing. They're lazy. They do the *easy* thing.

[nestles close for a kiss, then promptly springs up from Al's lap when Earl's voice is heard in hallway. Brightly]

Dodie: Saved by the bell!

Al Goddard: That... is the story of my life.

Paul Ferrar: Ten years in jail is sure gonna help my love life.

Al Goddard: It's more romantic than being dead.

Sister Augustine: Do you know, Mr. Goddard, with a little practice, you could be a nice man.

Al Goddard: I'll take two weeks off some time and try it.