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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Narrated by Fred F. Sears. Director: RAY NAZARRO. Screenplay: Barry Shipman. Photography: Fayte Browne. Film editor: Paul Borofsky. Art director: Charles Clague. Set decorator: James M. Crowe. Music directed by Mischa Bakaleinikoff. RCA Sound System. Producer: Colbert Clark.

    Copyright 8 October 1951 by Columbia Pictures Corp. U.S. release: 30 October 1951. No New York opening. 56 minutes.

    SYNOPSIS: The Durango Kid captures silver smugglers who are operating on the United States-Mexican border in 1890.

    NOTES: Starrett's 125th western. To their credit, Sony did try out the market with two lesser Durango Kid DVDs: Blazing Across the Pecos (1948) and Bonanza Town (1951). Sales were poor - and no wonder! Sony gave no thought to selling Starrett's best. I'd have chosen Texas Stampede (1939) and West of Abilene (1940) or Starrett's own favorite, Thunder Over the Prairie (1941).

    COMMENT: Interesting for at least two reasons: (1) A trick opening which is not repeated in the plot; (2) Fred F. Sears. This time, Fred is the villain. He certainly looks the part, but appears a trifle nervous under Ray Nazarro's direction.

    Alas, Smiley Burnette is allowed to clown around more than usual. And there's not a single female in the cast - an omission that won't worry the kiddies, who'll doubtless find this entry moderately entertaining all around.