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  • Marshal Johnny Mack is trying to track down a gang of bank and stage robbers - when is he not? - this time with the help of young(ish) Clancy, played with energy by Jimmy Ellison, veteran of many a Hoppy movie.

    Kenne Duncan, for once on the side of righteousness, is the well meaning but naive sheriff, besotted by charming widow, Ma Mosey (Barbara Woodell)and blissfully unaware that she is the leader of the crooks.

    Phyllis Coates as Goldie helps the good guys whilst romancing the bank teller.

    This one starts off brightly but the thin plot is - unlike Johnny Mack - sorely in need of padding, hence lots of extended shots of assorted groups of riders galloping in different directions to fill up a few minutes here and there.

    That's what happens when you cut out the comic sidekick.