Mr. Winfield: Marjorie's young and very inexperienced. All she knows about men is their batting averages.

Stella: In case you're interested, this one's batting a thousand.

Stella: [to Marjorie] Men have been buzzing around here like flies ever since you gave up baseball! This place is beginning to look like the YMCA on a rainy afternoon!

Stella: I'm dead! Mr. Winfield, that kitchen's too big! I'm tellin' ya, it must be 30 feet from the stove to the cupboard! I'm bein' paid to be a cook, not a cross-country runner!

Mr. Winfield: Stella, bring me some hot coffee.

Stella: Okay, but it'll be cold by the time I hike back.

Aunt Martha Robertson: No man believes in marriage - until a woman traps him into it!

William 'Bill' Sherman: The University of Indiana. I'm a senior.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Oh, it must be wonderful.

William 'Bill' Sherman: It's a farce. All the fellas are interested in is playing football and baseball, and women. Women and more women. Can you think of a bigger waste of time?

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: What's wrong with baseball?

William 'Bill' Sherman: Baseball! It's the national insanity. At a time like this when, when civilization is crumbling beneath our feet, our generation is playing baseball, and singing songs like...

Chorus: [sings in the background] We were sailing along / On Moonlight Bay

William 'Bill' Sherman: We were sailing along, on Moonlight Bay. Isn't that silly?

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: I rather liked it.

William 'Bill' Sherman: Have you heard the rest of it?


William 'Bill' Sherman: You have stolen her heart / Now, don't go away. As we sang love's old sweet song on Moonlight Bay.

[back to speaking]

William 'Bill' Sherman: That musta been written by a man with a glass of beer in one hand and a rhyming dictionary in the other.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Oh, I think it's beautiful.

Alice 'Mother' Winfield: Try not to walk like a first base man.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Won't you come in and have a nice cool glass of buttermilk?

William 'Bill' Sherman: Yeah. I guess I'd like that. Marjorie?

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Yes, William?

William 'Bill' Sherman: In all fairness, I've got to tell you something.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: What?

William 'Bill' Sherman: I don't believe in marriage.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: But I just asked you in for some buttermilk.

William 'Bill' Sherman: Well, I... I didn't want to drink it under false pretences.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Well, my goodness. Maybe, I don't believe in marriage, either.

[William storms out of Marjorie's house after a misunderstanding with her family]

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Won't you please come back?

William 'Bill' Sherman: I only make a fool of myself once a night.

Aunt Martha Robertson: One prude in the family is enough.

[the electricity goes off in Marjorie's house; she lights a match before going to walk Bill to the door]

William 'Bill' Sherman: Marjorie? I'd like to call on you again.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: [cheerily] When?

William 'Bill' Sherman: Would, uh, tomorrow morning be too soon?

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Oh, no!

[the match goes out and they kiss for the first time in the dark]

Wesley Winfield: Seems to me a person wouldn't sing so loud in the morning when they knew another person's got a sick headache!

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Seems to me a person always gets a sick headache on school days.

[Wesley has stolen Marjorie's letter to Bill for his homework]

Miss Mary Stevens: Wesley Winfield, you may read your letter.

Wesley Winfield: But ma'am...

Miss Mary Stevens: [sternly] You may read your letter!

Wesley Winfield: Yes, ma'am.

Miss Mary Stevens: Have you prepared one?

Wesley Winfield: Yes, ma'am.

Miss Mary Stevens: But, uh, you're going to find out that you've forgot to bring it, aren't you?

Wesley Winfield: [takes the letter out of his schoolbook] No, ma'am, I got it.

Miss Mary Stevens: Well, we'll listen to what you've found time to prepare. For once.

[Wesley stands in front of the class and reads "his" letter aloud]

Wesley Winfield: "Dear friend, you called me beautiful, but I'm really not beautiful, and at times, I doubt if I'm even pretty. Though my hair may be beautiful and if it is true that my eyes are like the blue stars... in... Heaven..."

[the class laughs]

Miss Mary Stevens: [to Wesley] Go on.

Wesley Winfield: [to himself] Oh no...

Miss Mary Stevens: Proceed!

Wesley Winfield: "A-A tremor thrills my being when I recall... your... last words to me... that last... that last..."

Miss Mary Stevens: [impatiently] Go on.

Wesley Winfield: "That-that last... evening... in... the moonlight when you... you..."

Miss Mary Stevens: Wesley, you will go on. And you will stop that stammering!

Wesley Winfield: "You-you kissed my shoulder and-and said that you would like to love me forever and ever... and ever... and ever..."

Miss Mary Stevens: Wesley...

Wesley Winfield: "A-And that if you believed in marriage you would... want me to... Yours respectfully, Wesley Winfield."

[Wesley quickly sits back down, embarrassed, while the class laughs at him]

William 'Bill' Sherman: Think, we might never have met if you hadn't taken a shot at me.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: Oh, don't joke about that! Why, I might've killed you!

William 'Bill' Sherman: Well, what's one life more or less when all of Europe is bathed in blood?

Mr. Winfield: Wesley, you stay out of the living room. Your sister is entertaining a caller.

Wesley Winfield: Is he telling her "her eyes are like the blue stars in Heaven"?

Mr. Winfield: Now, where did you pick that up?

Wesley Winfield: Ah, I've been around.

Mr. Winfield: Well, just the same, you stay out of the living room.

William 'Bill' Sherman: [sings] Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile!

Wesley Winfield: Marjorie's old petticoat! You've got me in Marjorie's old petticoat!

Miss Mary Stevens: [to Wesley] Now, do you know the difference between a proper and improper fraction? Wesley, if you don't pay attention, you'll never learn.

[first lines]

Mr. Winfield: [to Jim] Hello, what's your name? I guess we're going to be neighbors.

William 'Bill' Sherman: [sings] Cuddle up a little closer, lovey mine.

Marjorie 'Marjie' WinfieldHubert Wakely: [sings] Love ya, love ya, honey / Love ya, love ya, honey.

Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield: [sings] Christmas, can't you hear the church bells ringing?

Carolers: [sings] Ooooh...

Wesley Winfield: Gee, it must be tough being a girl.

Marjorie 'Marjie' WinfieldWilliam 'Bill' Sherman: [sings] So wait and pray each night for me, till we meet again.

[last lines]

Wesley Winfield: Here's your hat. Keep your head up and breathe through your nose.

Marjorie 'Marjie' WinfieldWilliam 'Bill' Sherman: [sings] We were sailing along / On Moonlight Bay / We could hear the voices ringing / They seemed to say.

Chorus: [sings] Wish we could stay.

Marjorie 'Marjie' WinfieldWilliam 'Bill' Sherman: [sings] You have stolen her heart / Now, don't go away.

Chorus: [sings] Nobody here but you and me.

Marjorie 'Marjie' WinfieldWilliam 'Bill' Sherman: [sings] As we sang love's old sweet song on Moonlight Bay.