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  • ¡A TODA MAQUINA! is a must see for several reasons, but first of all, because presents the way the two men met for the first time, and even when they don't get quite along during the whole movie, at the end become friends.

    ¿QUE TE HA DADO ESA MUJER? is the sequel (advertised during the last seconds of the first one) and present the guys, now friends, dealing with the hardship of their friendship being threatened by the love of a woman, since one of them is madly in love and neglects the other.

    Both movies are good, but I like the first one better and I recommend watching them together, to get the whole point.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This 1951 comic farce with songs, & STARRING

    Pedro Infante & Luis Aguilar------- is a MUST see film.

    Yes,there have been over the years many buddy type movies. some were heavy dramas & some comedies, & a few farces among them./

    This is a farce done in the best tradition of farce,keep the action moving, as we don't want to let the audience know how silly the story is.

    In the tradition of good farces, there must be elements of sadness & there are a few. This is really a love story of 2 men & this being 1951,they cannot express these feelings. Besides the censors & the actors heritage,these feelings could only be hinted at.

    Pedro Infante who died tragically in a plane crash in 1957 was a superb actor & singer as well. Luis Aguilar made films until the 1990's, he too was a very fine actor & singer. They were a great team There are a few lovely ladies present as well & they too, are very good in there roles.

    Only real complaint is I felt it ran a bit too long especially in the last 20 minutes or so, a wee bit of tightening would have helped.

    The songs done by both actors fit the scenes very well.

    This is a well made film, I enjoyed it,

    RatingsL: *** (out of 4) 88 points (out of 100) IMDb 8 (out of 10) ++

    ++ Farces rarely get a much higher rating than this.
  • Just before making "¡¿Qué te ha dado esa mujer?!", the same stars made "A.T.M.: ¡¡A toda máquina!!"---starring as the same characters. I enjoyed the first film and think it's worth seeing. However, after seeing the sequel, I really couldn't understand why they bothered to make the other film...other than all that money! It isn't that the second film is bad--but it just didn't seem necessary.

    Pedro Infante and Luis Aguilar are now both motorcycle officers in Mexico City and the film finds them both doing terribly at their jobs. Luis spends all his time staring at his sexy girlfriend's photo and Pedro ONLY tickets trucks carrying food so that he can mooch their food! Through the course of this film, the roommates/rookie cops send their time fighting about women and getting arrested and this makes the Mexican police force of the early 1950s look like the worst and most incompetent on the planet! None of the hijinks make a lot of sense and the film ends bizarrely. All in all, it just felt like the film was only made for the money and really added nothing to the first story.

    By the way, although I am sure it was not intended, there sure seems to be a strong homosexual subtext in this one. Again and again, the pair fight--mostly because they are trying to break up their relationships with ladies! What do you think?