Ball Player: A Rhubarb. It's a donnybrook... a dust-up...

Eric Yeager: [takes phone] Lady, you know what happens at a sale, when two women get hold of the same dress? THAT's a Rhubarb!

[slams phone down]

Eric Yeager: [to Rhubarb] Now listen ya lug, you're in the chips now, the blue chips. So stop acting like a goon squad. This is an okay dame. She doesn't want a nickel of your dough.

[to Polly]

Eric Yeager: stroke him very gently on his head.

Polly Sickles: Why, he doesn't even hiss.

Eric Yeager: You're now a member of the club.

Eric Yeager: How about some bait?

owner of the pet shop: I'm sorry sir, we have no meat department.

Eric Yeager: Meat? Golf balls is this cat's meat.

Judge: [to Polly Sickles] You're sneezing under oath. An untrue sneeze could find you guilty of perjury.