This film was shown in May 2014 by BBC2 in colour, and it appears to be a Cinecolor print.

According to Turner Home Entertainment, the film's original negative was lost and since the original Cinecolor could not be adequately reproduced, the VHS edition was in black and white; however, whenever it is broadcast on TCM, it is telecast in acceptably good Cinecolor, apparently from an original 35mm print.

Howard Da Silva was removed from the cast of this film as a result of his being blacklisted for leftist sympathies. Brian Donlevy replaced him.

According to the "In Hollywood" column, by Erskine Johnson (syndicated by NEA), Terry Gilkyson, the Montana cowboy author of "Cry of the Wild Goose," was hired for a film role in "Slaughter Trail", whereupon he fell off his horse and broke his arm. (San Bernardino Daily Sun, San Bernardino, California, Thursday 22 March 1951, Volume LVII, Number 174, page 6.)