• The Band Played On
    (1895) (uncredited)
    Music by Chas. B. Ward
    Lyrics by John F. Palmer
    Sung by Kasey Rogers, Tommy Farrell, Roland Morris and Robert Walker while riding the merry-go-round
    Played often throughout the picture
  • Oh! You Beautiful Doll
    (1911) (uncredited)
    Music by Nat Ayer
    Played when Bruno is helping the blind man cross the street
    Also played when the police arrive during the last amusement park scene
  • Ain't We Got Fun
    (1921) (uncredited)
    Music by Richard A. Whiting
    Played as Bruno gets in line during the last amusement park scene
  • Ain't She Sweet
    (1927) (uncredited)
    Music by Milton Ager
    Played at the beginning of both amusement park scenes
  • Carolina in the Morning
    (1922) (uncredited)
    Music by Walter Donaldson
    Played when buying ice cream at the amusement park
  • Baby Face
    (1926) (uncredited)
    Music by Harry Akst
    Played during the Tunnel of Love sequence
  • Bill Grogan's Goat
    Traditional children's song
    Sung by John Brown on the train