A young Barbara Billingsley shows up as the instructor at stewardess school.

This movie was written in mind for either Lana Turner or June Allyson to star in. Allyson was even going to star in it but became unavailable once filming started. So Jane Wyman was given the role.

The twin engined aircraft are Convair 240's, very similar to the Douglas DC-3 but had modern "tricycle" landing gear as opposed to the old DC-3's "tail dragger" layout. The four-engined aircraft are all the popular and common at the time DC-6's.

This is one of a handful of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer productions of the 1950-1951 period whose original copyrights were never renewed and are now apparently in Public Domain; for this reason this title is now offered, often in very inferior copies, at bargain prices, by numerous VHS and DVD distributors who do not normally handle copyrighted or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer material.