Prison Warden: Your generation grew up, married, raised families, went to war. But nothing happened to you, Bill. You just got older.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: You worked a whole day just to dance a minute at Dream Land?

Bill Clark: It was worth it.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: Quick on the trigger, aren't you?

Bill Clark: [Angrily] What do you mean by that?

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: [Smiles] Simmer down, you'll live longer.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: I came to New York from up state. I was gonna be a dancer. I was a brunette. Started on my toes and wound up on my heels.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: [Looks Bill over] The name is Cay... when you get bored.

Prison Warden: Nobody'll ever put me in a stinking cage again.

Prison Warden: That's up to you son. It's not going to be easy. The average person outside won't accept you, Bill. Won't hire you. Won't trust you. You won't even have a vote.

Bill Clark: [Looking at the clock] You're talking on my time, warden. It's 8 am.

Prison Warden: And for your own good. Good luck.

Girl at Dance Joint: [Dancing with a customer] You need a little practice, honey.

Bill Clark: Yeah.

Girl at Dance Joint: [Amorously] A few private lessons will fix that.

[Bill squeezes her]

Girl at Dance Joint: Ooh, not so tight, honey.

Bill Clark: [the music stops and she lets go of him] That's it?

Girl at Dance Joint: What do you expect for a dime?

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: [Bill clumsily dances with Cay] You can't dance. What did you come up here for?

Bill Clark: To meet somebody.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: [Releasing his clutch] I don't give private lessons.

Bill Clark: My name is Clark. Bill Clark.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: Nice to meet you, mister.

[Holds up a drink]

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: Here's mud in your eye.

Bill Clark: [Holds her hand] You... you know you got me all wrong.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: Let's not make a big thing out of it.

Bill Clark: I just wanted to meet somebody.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: [Plays up to him] So you like me, huh?

Bill Clark: I'd like to know you better.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: One way is to spread a little joy around.

[Bill doesn't get her drift]

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: Joy. Little presents.

Bill Clark: What kind of presents?

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: That's up to you and how much you like me.

Bill Clark: [Referring to the city] I've never been here before.

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: [Cynically] You can get a sightseeing tour for a buck.

Prison Warden: A lot of things have changed out there.

Bill Clark: A lot of us have changed in here too.

Prison Warden: You came in here when you were 13 years old. That means you've been here...

Bill Clark: 18 years, 3 months and 6 days.

Bill Clark: What time do you get through here?

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: There's a house rule against dating customers.

Bill Clark: Do you always stick to the rules?

Catherine 'Cay' Higgins: Yes, my own.