An article in the Los Angeles Times from December 1951 stated that Burt Lancaster was originally cast in the male lead.

Steve Cochran broke his leg shooting a fight scene with Hugh Sanders during the first week of filming. After a short hospital stay, he wore a cast for two weeks during this production.

The $222.35 Bill receives from the warden at the beginning of the picture would equate to $2,158 in 2017.

The car Bill and Cay hide in on the car hauler is a 1951 Mercury Sport sedan. The other cars on the hauler are also 1951 Mercurys.

The newspaper story Bill reads about his release reveals he was 13 years old when he killed his father - that would make him 31 upon his release. The story also states that his trial was a "...nation-wide controversy" that spawned legislation on the age limit that a minor could be charged with first-degree murder.

According to Turner Classic Movies' Eddie Mueller, Warner Bros. envisioned this picture as a vehicle for John Garfield.