Nicholas Revel: [to Ernie] The safest place in the world is a crowd.

Sir Herbert Frensham: All women are bullies, Revel. Daughters are the worst.

Nicholas Revel: I will bet you a dozen roses if you show this note to your father, he'll give it his deepest consideration.

Jane Frensham: I'm not a gambler, Mr. Revel.

Nicholas Revel: I think you are, Miss Frensham... or you wouldn't be here.

Nicholas Revel: [to Jane] I think if a jewel thief ever looked at you, he'd never know what jewelry you were wearing.

[last lines]

Connor: [to the cabbie] Scotland Yard please, cabbie.

Nicholas Revel: You know, the way you say that, Mr. Connor, it could almost be the Ritz.

Nicholas Revel: Well now, all we have to do is find a man who is vain, egotistical, and charming. How many men are there in London?

Jane Frensham: About three million.

Nicholas Revel: And how many of those men are vain, egotistical, and charming?

Jane Frensham: About three million.

Nicholas Revel: Woof, that should make it simple. You take a million and a half, and I'll take a million and a half.

[She laughs]