Michael Curtiz originally wanted Doris Day to play the role of Judy Lane.

In Eddie Fisher's autobiography "Been There, Done That", he states that before Danny Thomas was cast in the lead for this film, there was a big rumor going around Hollywood that Fisher would be cast. Fisher believed he was too young at the time for the role, and that he thought Danny Thomas was brilliant in the part.

Eduard Franz, who played Danny Thomas' father, was in reality less than 10 years older Mr. Thomas.

For record buyers, there were two collections of songs from the film score. Danny Thomas recorded a 10-inch, eight-selection LP for RCA Victor, featuring Frank De Vol and His Orchestra. Miss Peggy Lee, backed by Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra, contributed a Decca EP with four tunes, including Peggy's driving, Latin rendition of the Rodgers and Hart standard "Lover," which had become a top single before the picture's release.

The original Broadway stage production of "The Jazz Singer" opened at the Fulton Theater on September 14, 1925 and ran for 303 performances. The play starred George Jessel.

The film opened in London's West End in December 1953, but played for only one week. It did not go on general release in the UK until one year later, in December 1954 on a double bill with Riding Shotgun.

Eduard Franz repeated his role in the 1959 television broadcast starring Jerry Lewis.

The 1927 version of movie was referenced in the Gene Kelly classic "Singing In The Rain", however this version was released in the same year.