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  • This is a remake of Baxters 1933 film Doss House.Most of his career was spent making second features which had a central theme of a community coming together to help one of their group in trouble.The book issued by the BFI in conjunction with the NFT season was aptly titled The Common Touch.There is a very entertaining cameo by Bud Flanagan,who starred in a number of films for Baxter.It is an entertaining film and well worth viewing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is very rare and offbeat too. Such a shame, because I find it rather unusual. See for yourself by reading the plot line above. I don't know what to add to this topic, without spoiling the film further. I sometimes thought of a sort of M - Fritz Lang's and Joseph Losey's film(remake) or some other features of this rare scheme.

    Yes, unusual, surprising, without mystery or action, but good suspense. I guess it rarely crossed the Channel to Europe or Atlantic towards the USA.

    So shame. I don't know the director. It looks like a forties film, not fifties, even early ones.

    Look for young Joan Collins, three years before she played in Howard Hawk's LAND OF THE PHARAONS.