Judge Samuel Coulter: The day after Pearl Harbor, MacLene bought a torpedo boat and gave it to the Navy!

Mark MacLene IV: You have a first name?

Lucy Duncan: Lucille. My friends call me Lucy.

Mark MacLene IV: I'm your friend, Lucy!

Lucy Duncan: How can someone spend $500 on candy?

Herbert Engel: Maybe they have soft centers.

Lucy Duncan: He's spent it in places I've never heard of.

Herbert Engel: Honey, if I had his dough, I'd spend it in places HE'S never heard of.

Mr. Blackwell: Nobody goes to Niagara Falls.

Mark MacLene IV: What do you mean? Everybody goes to Niagara Falls.

Mr. Blackwell: Nobody whose anybody goes to Niagara Falls.

Lucy Duncan: What were you like as a little boy?

Mark MacLene IV: Truthfully? I was scared to death.

Judge Samuel Coulter: That's the smartest thing you've done since you were born rich.

Mark MacLene IV: I'll get a job. I won't start at the bottom because it would be silly. But I won't start at the top because that would be unfair.

Lucy Duncan: Has Mark shown any interest in chemistry lately?

Judge Samuel Coulter: Funny thing you should mention that. only one day last week, Mark wanted to stop at a book store and buy a book on advanced chemistry. See here, you two aren't planning on making an atom bomb, are you?

Lucy Duncan: Judge Coulter, when I'm through the atom bomb is going to look like a firecracker!