Etienne Javert: I pride myself on being a good officer.

Jean Valjean: That's very good. Only I'm afraid you'll get little practice here, Inspector Javert. We're a quiet town.

Etienne Javert: I have heard this, yet there is crime everywhere, monsieur.

Jean Valjean: And filth also if one looks hard enough.

Jean Valjean: But this is common humanity! Are you a machine?

Etienne Javert: I am an officer of the law doing my duty. I have no choice in the matter. It makes no difference what I think or feel or want. It has nothing to do with me - nothing! Can't you see that?

Bishop Courbet: Yes, even in the most evil men, my son, there is some good.

Bishop Courbet: It is the giver who receives the benefit of the gift, my son.

Etienne Javert: For the police it is never too late. If he's escaped us tonight then what of tomorrow? Or next week or next year? We are patient men, Robert, and there is no escape.