Hugh Dobson: If you took him away, he'd hate you for the rest of his days.

Liz Frazer: Everything is wrong, Hugh.

Hugh Dobson: By that you mean Jim?

Liz Frazer: Have you seen him lately?

Hugh Dobson: He gave me a wave the other day.

Liz Frazer: That's all I get. That's our life in one movement.

Hugh Dobson: These are difficult times.

Liz Frazer: I know all that Hugh. I was born out here - I understand this country. For both of us planting is the only life we know. If anyone can take barbed wire, guards, guns and all this it should be Jim and me, but look at us.

Jim Frazer: Months ago I should have kissed you goodbye and put you firmly on a train.

Hugh Dobson: He's got an obstinate feeling about being pushed out of the country by these bandits!