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  • That anatomical wonder, former "Miss Italy" Silvana Pampanini, stars in the "made for Mae West" role of Gobette, a turn-of-the-century Moulin Rouge entertainer charged with indecency. She wastes no time in seducing the investigating judge which compels his boss, the President of the Court, to have her deported. Incensed, Gobette slips into the President's apartment when his family's away intending to cause a scandal but before she can teach the uptight magistrate a lesson, his boss, the Minister of Justice, comes to stay the night and the President is forced to pass off Gobette as his wife. Later, after the President's asleep, she seduces the Minister and when he goes back to Paris the next day, he orders the President and his family transferred there so he can resume his affair with the man's wife, "la presidentessa". Uh oh...

    Mistaken identities and risqué situations abound in director Germi's "French" sex farce and not only does the pulchritudinous Pampanini show a flair for comedy, she sings, dances (sort of), and can really fill a period costume -when she's wearing one, that is, since Silvana spends most of the time in either a peignoir or a bustier with frilly panties, stockings and garter belts. Both simple-minded and knowing, this one's good-natured fun with an emphasis on s-e-x.
  • brogmiller3 November 2019
    Over a period of forty-five years the prolific Belgian born Maurice Hennequin wrote over a hundred comedies, sometimes alone, often with collaborators, most famous of whom was Georges Feydeau. He wrote 'La Presidente' with Pierre Weber who fought a duel with Leon Blum following a bad review by Blum of one of his plays. What a pity that creative artistes are deprived of that facility now! 'La Presidente' has been filmed more than once but the version under review was directed by Pietro Germi with a marvellous cast headed by Silvana Pampanini and Carlo Dapporto. Under Germi's controlled direction this is a joyous, beautifully timed piece that rattles along at a tremendous pace and is played with esprit by all concerned. Carlo Dapporto as the Minister who is utterly besotted with Mademoiselle Gobete is impeccable and Pampanini, as the object of his desire, well, what can say about HER?! The Oestrogen practically jumps off the screen. Germi has once again utilised his chosen cinematographer Leonida Barboni and composer Carlo Rustichelli with production design by Virgilio Marchi. The subject matter only goes to prove that the battle of the sexes cannot be won because one spends too much time fraternising with the enemy!