During a fight scene between George Wallace as Commando Cody and Clayton Moore as the villain Graber, Wallace zigged when he should have zagged, and Moore connected with him and broke his nose.

Copyright lapsed and was not renewed, so this film is now in the public domain.

CHAPTER TITLES: 1. Moon Rocket; 2. Molten Terror; 3. Bridge of Death; 4. Flight to Destruction; 5. Murder Car; 6. Hills of Death; 7. Camouflaged Destruction; 8. The Enemy Planet; 9. Battle in the Stratosphere; 10. Mass Execution; 11. Planned Pursuit; 12. Death of the Moon Man.

Made by Republic in the final years of serial production, it recycled the "rocketman suit" from the studio's wildly popular serial King of the Rocket Men (1949).

Set builder and prop maker Eugene Hilchey found the miniature model of the space ship used in this film at the CBS Studio Center (formerly the Republic Studio) sometime in the 1960s.

The clear rocket-shaped prop in Retik's moon lab previously appeared in Flight to Mars (1951).

The cowl worn by Roy Barcroft is the same one he wore in The Purple Monster Strikes (1945).

Graber, the main henchman is played by Clayton Moore who went on to a good run as The Lone Ranger (1949) on early 50's TV.

Scenes of the parachute jump in Chapters: 4 and 5, is taken from King of the Royal Mounted (1940) Chapters: 2 and 3.

The scenes of the levee break and flooding town, in Chapters: 6, are taken from Flaming Frontiers (1938), Chapters: 9 and 10. Most of these flood scenes are originally from The Johnstown Flood (1926). Some footage from Deluge (1933) and taken from King of the Rocket Men (1949) for this serial.

Chapter: 10, is a budget-saving recap episode where sequences from previous chapters are shown for most of the running time.

In Chapter: 12, the car crashing over the cliff is taken from The Crimson Ghost (1946).

The miniature rocket used throughout the serial as Commander Cody's rocketship for flying scenes, is shown at the end of the last Chapter. It flies out the window and then returns back into the lab.

The sound that the Moon Cars make is the same sound that the Juggernaut makes in Undersea Kingdom. It's also the sound of the Electric Ray Machine in Chapters: 7 and 8 of Spy Smasher (1942).

The Moon Car in this movie was refurbished and used in The Wild Wild West: The Night of the Juggernaut (1968).

In Chapter: 2, when Cody and Ted run into the cave, all the scenes with the melting rock and flowing lava are taken directly from Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), Chapter: 6.