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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Chuck Jones, the greatest animator ever in terms of truly *animating* his characters - that is, bringing them to life - does it again here with his crew's amazing work on Frisky the Puppy.

    Obviously dog admirers and owners all, they nail every physical and (limited) mental characteristic of a puppy - capriciousness, inquisitiveness, curiosity, short attention span, right down to the abrupt time outs to address flea issues. Every one of us who has owned a puppy sees his behavior mirrored in Frisky, and owners of hound types especially have seen the problems that long floppy ears can cause.

    Poor old Claude's world is turned upside down when Mamma introduces him to his new house-mate, Frisky. Claude wants nothing more than to have his naps in peace and quiet; Frisky wants nothing more than for Claude to play with him. Claude plots the pup's demise; the innocent pup blows up every scheme with his delight at surprising the old cat. Jones' comic timing is in its glory in this and each of the Claude vs. mice 'toons.

    My highest recommendation for this short is that my wife, who couldn't care less about cartoons, always seem to stop by the TV rooms when she hears Frisky's frantic bark.
  • Claude the Cat appeared in a couple classic Hubie & Bert cartoons. However, here his nemesis is Frisky the dog--a most annoying little dog. What makes him so annoying? Well, he's completely brainless and spends all his time hysterically barking--and driving poor Claude absolutely batty. Again and again, for no reason whatsoever, Frisky's insane barking causes Claude to jump on the ceiling or what have you. And so, eventually Claude resorts to trying to kill the little menace. But, as is the case with these sorts of cartoons, the evil doggy only seems to get the best of poor Claude again and again and again. It's all very sadistic...and funny. Not among the very best of the Looney Tunes cartoons--but awfully good.
  • While Claude the Cat usually sees his lifestyle upset by nasty mice Hubie and Bertie, here he's with one Frisky Puppy, the biggest jerk of all dogs. FP spends much of the cartoon randomly barking, sending Claude flying away in shock. What's with that dog?! Watching "Terrier-Stricken", I at first thought that Frisky Puppy was Charlie (the pooch who always tries to invade Porky Pig's life). I guess that the two are distinct, although one of the major gags in this cartoon seems to have been at least partly borrowed from the Claude-Hubie-Bertie vehicle "Mouse Wreckers".

    So, this one's an OK cartoon, not great. A place holder in between the really good ones.