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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Director: WALLACE A. GRISSELL. Original screenplay: Samuel Newman. Photography: William Whitley. Film editor: Aaron Stell. Art director: Paul Palmentola. Set decorator: Sidney Clifford. Music director: Ross DiMaggio. Unit manager: Herbert B. Leonard. Assistant director: Leonard Katzman. Sound recording: Josh Westmoreland. Producer: Sam Katzman. Esskay Pictures Corporation.

    Copyright 3 April 1952 by Columbia Pictures Corp. No recorded New York opening. U.S. release: May 1952. Australian release: 13 November 1952. 67 minutes.

    U.K. release title: Hidden Secret.

    SYNOPSIS: Three Americans escape from the Communists in Indo-China.

    COMMENT: This standard Hollywood "B"-grade propaganda picture dealing with the Red invasion of China, has little to recommend it. The whole film has been given a sepia bath to disguise the splicing-in of copious stock footage.

    I hoped that Maura Murphy might be a curious misspelling for Mary Murphy, but no such luck. Maura is an older lady (who can also be seen in Mister Roberts and Toward the Unknown).

    Mr. Grissell's direction is, as usual, undistinguished. Ditto, other credits.