Henry Murdoch: Naomi, some people just grow old, and others grow up.

Naomi Murdoch: We're a big disappointment to each other, aren't we? You've got a mother with no principles; I've got a daughter with no guts.

Henry Murdoch: That was Sara on the telephone.

Naomi Murdoch: Sara?

Henry Murdoch: Sara Harper. She's the drama teacher. They're putting additional chairs in the auditorium. It seems there's sudden demand for seats.

Naomi Murdoch: Well, at least Lily will have a good house.

Henry Murdoch: And you'll be the center of attention.

Naomi Murdoch: [First resentful and the angry] Oh, I'll make a good impression, Henry. That's all you care about, isn't it? Appearances and what other people will think? Well, I'm not the girl from across the tracks who used to embarrass you! Not anymore! I won't laugh too loud or make jokes or speak to the riffraff. I knew before I married you.

Henry Murdoch: That's very good of you.

Naomi Murdoch: You don't know how unimportant success is until you've had it.

Lena Engstrom: You're not quitting?

Naomi Murdoch: When you're licked, you have to quit.

Naomi Murdoch: Famous? So you want to be famous like Naomi Murdoch?

Lily Murdoch: Well, of course I do.

Naomi Murdoch: Well, honey, let me tell you just how famous that really is. I didn't think you fell for that line I was handing out for the yokels, but if you did...

Lily Murdoch: Line?

Naomi Murdoch: After all, a girl has her pride. But there doesn't seem to be much demand for the classics now, and practically none at all for me.

Lily Murdoch: Mother!

Naomi Murdoch: I'd like to leave you thinking I was up there in lights, but... I've got enough on my conscience without... You think all you have to do is get on that train and when you get off, you'll be in a star's dressing room?


Naomi Murdoch: Oh, no, the theater's a tough jungle, kids. I've got no glory, no glamour, and bruises on my illusions. And I can't complain; I never starved. I've been a stooge for a trained seal. I sold corsets when times were bad. I live in cheap hotels and con the bookers so they won't know how bad I need money. And I can name a pawn shop in every town on the circuit. Next season, if I'm lucky I'll do a rather tired single. It's not very dignified; matter of fact it's rather vulgar! And I'll be billed below the dog acts! But if you want to come and join me...

[Lily cries, runs out of the room]

Joyce Murdoch: Lily!

[chases after her, out of the room]

Naomi Murdoch: [quietly] ... I'd love to have you with me.