Originally the film was to be about a Scots bridegroom who arrives for his wedding in Scotland to find that his bride has vanished so goes off on the honeymoon in the South of France alone and gets mixed up with crooks. When filming was about to start the word was that an American star was in the lead so the story line was changed to an American goes to France to build a Coca Cola factory to the annoyance of local wine growers. The producers were pleased with the script but David Tomlinson was now the star so the script was changed to an Englishman working in France for the British Treasury watching that tourists don't spend more than their allowance. When word of this got out it proved unpopular with both the English and the French so there was yet another change with Terence Morgan in the lead and it would now be a romantic film instead of a comedy which is how it was finally made.

Film debut of Jill Day.