Crew or equipment visible

When Wesley's pet turkey flies into the dining room from the kitchen during Thanksgiving dinner, the crew member who threw him into the room can be seen as the door swings shut.


The movie takes place in 1918. A version of "Ain't We Got Fun" - a foxtrot first performed in 1920 and published in 1921 - is sang when the Winfields are preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

Plot holes

In On Moonlight Bay, there is a scene where Alice explains that George proposed to Alice when they get lost in the woods near Aunt Martha's house. However, in this movie Alice explains that George proposed to her when he was helping her on with skates at the ice rink.

Factual errors

In the homecoming scene at the beginning of the movie that features Bill in his Doughboy uniform, his 'US' and 'Branch of Service' discs on his tunic are on the wrong collars. The 'US' should be on his right side and the crossed rifles 'Branch of Service' should be on his left.