Stella: [to the camera] Wesley is their second child. If he had been the first, there never would have been a second! Oh... You're probably wondering who I am. Well, don't be so nosy!

Father Winfield: [about his tomboyish daughter getting married] Well, I feel like I'm losing a son.

Mother Winfield: George, the children have been spoiling me. Marjorie has been fussing with my hair all afternoon, keeping me out of the kitchen, and Wesley insisted on doing the marketing and polishing the silver. I've been treated as though I were a queen.

Father Winfield: You are a queen! And that's straight from the king.

Stella: [sourly; she believes George is having an affair] Henry the Eighth!

Marjorie Winfield: Bill, it's so difficult for me to ask you to understand, but... Why I can't possibly think of marrying you right now. And I can't tell you why.

Bill Sherman: What do you mean you can't tell me? Why, I'm almost your husband! At least, I thought I was.

Marjorie Winfield: You will be. Someday. But for now Bill, couldn't you please be sweet and understanding?

Bill Sherman: But I don't want to be sweet and understanding! I want to be a husband!

Marjorie Winfield: Bill...

Bill Sherman: It never entered my mind, Marjorie, that you ever had any doubt about your feelings towards me. But now everything's quite obvious. You're not even sure I'm the man you want to marry!

Stella: There's no fool like an old fool, especially an old fool who isn't too old to act like a young fool again.

Stella: [Holding Marjorie's dress] Now c'mon. You're supposed to be the belle of the ball tonite.

Marjorie Winfield: Some belle. I don't even have an escort.

Stella: Ah, ah, ah. Now, Miss Marjorie, you have to go. You're in the play tonight. Now c'mon. Get in your dress.

Marjorie Winfield: Alright, but my heart's not in it.

Stella: Well, as long as you get the rest of you in it, you won't have to worry about escorts.

Bill Sherman: [sings] From the day I whispered, "May I please hold your hand?"

[he kisses her hand gentlemanly]

Marjorie Winfield: [sings] You've progressed and I'm impressed and I think you're grand!

Father Winfield: [about Wesley's pet turkey] For the last time, that turkey does not belong in the house!

Wesley Winfield: Well, if he's good enough to be on the table, he's good enough to walk around it.

[first lines]

Stella: Hello, Mr. Winfield.

Father Winfield: Good afternoon.

Stella: [to the camera] That's Mr. Winfield. Vice President of our first National Bank, Chairman of the Civic Betterment League, and twice winner of the Elks picnic potato sack race.

Stella: [about Bill returning home] Well, we'll be having a man around the house again!

[Mr. Sherman gives Stella a dirty look]

Stella: A young man.

Marjorie WinfieldBill Sherman: [sings] Your eyes have told me so.

Bill Sherman: [sings] Just one girl, only just one girl.

Bill Sherman: Marjorie, do you realize what this means? Instead of waiting, why we can be married right away.

Marjorie Winfield: [sings] 'Round the barnyard goes the mighty cavalcade / Gorgeously arrayed. See them on parade!

Marjorie WinfieldBill Sherman: [sings] By the light of the silvery moon, I want to spoon! / To my honey, I'll croon love's tune / Honey moon, keep a shining in June! / Your silvery beams will bring love's dreams / We'll be cuddling soon, by the silvery moon!

Marjorie Winfield: Stella, we know that Father is still in love with Mother. This is just the thing to rekindle the flame.

[last lines]

Chorus: [sings] Your silvery beams will bring love's dreams / We'll be cuddling soon, by the silvery moon!