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  • Entertaining adventure movie , plenty of action , thrills , evocative cinematography , luxurious costumes ; all meld together under Ladislao Vadja's good direction . This motion picture is an Italian-Spanish Co-production directed by a Hungarian settled in Spain , well realized by Ladislao Vadja , born in Budapest , Hungary . It is set during the 19th century , Sierra Morena , Zahara De La Sierra , Ronda , Andalucia where had been proliferating ruthless bandits , who alone or in bands , engulfing the region with merciless assaults and ominous murders . For ironies of history , many bandits were good benefactors of the humble and unfortunate people , giving rise to the glamorous as well as romantic legends of the generous Andalucian Bandidos . In fact, almost all of them were selfish and ambitious men , who could not be expected no sense humanitarian . As "Lucero", whose name runs throughout the mountains and villages , being relentlessly frightened and hated by townsfolk . As Lucero and his gang were cruel and savage outlaws that infested the area from Ronda and surroundings . The film starts with a "copla of blind" ("Romance Lucero") sung in couplets and romances of blind singers which seem to be a whole praise dedicated to a bandit , "Lucero" . There appears a womanizer and gambler , Juan Pablo De Osuna (Rossano Brazzi), who is abandoned by his engaged girlfriend Consuelo(Emma Penella), fed up with his licentious life . After losing in the game a lot of money , Juan pulls off a set-up . When Juan's father is kidnapped , he seeks vendetta and he takes a secret identity , as he poses as a bandit ; then Juan unites to Lucero (Fosco Giachetti) band . There Juan takes on Chiclanero (Jose Nieto) who suspects from him . The gang carries out kidnappings , blackmails and killings , including a shocking and spectacular hanging (to Luis Prendes) .

    This ¨Tortilla¨ adventure is filled with thrills , intrigue , and spectacular confrontations with precious and luminous cinematography . This traditional ¨Bandido¨ movie made in Andaluzi Western style contains rousing nice action , pursuits , attacks and exuberant outdoors . Magnificent screenplay dealing with revenge and redemption that turns out to be the main axis of the plot . Although the story has been told before , appropriate filmmaking and over-the-top acting win out , as it results in a very good adventure flick . It is a combination of intense drama and full of villainy , betrayal , romance , heroism and redemption . Fine acting by Rossano Brazzi as a revenger who uses all kind of shrewdness in order to infiltrate himself a dangerous band to destroy his enemy . Director took advantage of the marvelous exteriors from Serrania of Ronda , Malaga , and shooting a hastily assembled attractive picture . In the movie appears usual support actors of the forties and fifties such as Jose Nieto , Jose Isbert , Adriano Domínguez , Juan Calvo , Rafael Calvo , Felix Fernández , Felix Dafauce , Luis Prendes , and brief acting by Antonio Ferrandis ,among others

    This is a good-natured black and white romp with glamorous cinematography shot in natural scenarios by Eloy Mella , who gives us an accurate ambiance of the times is developed , though a perfect remastering being necessary because of the copy is washed-out . In addition , an evocative musical score by Jose Muñoz Molleda , Edgar Neville's habitual musician , including Coplas and songs by Maria Dolores Pradera . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Ladislao Vajda who was born in Budapest (1906) , Austria-Hungary as László Vajda Weisz . He was a director and writer, known for El Cebo (1958) or The Bait , Marcelino pan y vino (1955) and Un Angel Pasó Por Brooklyn (1957) and he died in Barcelona (1965) . Vadja was member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1958 and he's author of top-notch movies , such as ¨The Bait¨ , ¨Maria Matricula De Bilbao ¨, and three with Pablito Calvo as ¨Uncle Jacinto¨ starred by Antonio Vico , ¨Marcelino Pan Y Vino¨ and ¨Un Angel Paso Por Brooklyn¨ with Peter Ustinov , these pictures touched the hearts of numerous spectators around the world . And , of course , ¨Carne De Horca¨ , it results to be an excellent film . In my opinion this is one of the best films to come out of Europe in the decade of the 50s . Rating : Above average for its worthwhile mingle of drama , action and adventure .