Walter 'Walt' Walters: You're too smart for me, baby. I like 'em stupid.

Lambda: I love you, Doug, and I must kill you!

Douglas 'Doug' Smith: I love you too Lambda, and I'm not afraid.

[first lines]

Laird Grainger: The eternal wonders of space and time. The far away dreams and mysteries of other worlds. Other life. The stars. The planets. Man has been face to face with them for centuries, yet is barely able to penetrate their unknown secrets. Sometime, someday, the barrier will be pierced. Why must we wait? Why not now?

Helen Salinger: Strange. I should care what happens to them. Yet I don't.

Alpha: No. You see, we don't care. And you are one of us.

Helen Salinger: [on being told that she can't come on the trip to the moon] Someone's got to cook your meals for you!

Alpha: Four of us will be enough. We will get their women under our power, and soon we will rule the whole world!

Douglas 'Doug' Smith: Wait until I tell them I was the first man to breath on the moon.

Walter 'Walt' Walters: Maybe we can bottle this stuff for sale, moon mist for chronic coughs and asthma.

Kip Reissner: I know one thing that goes with me. This.

[holds pistol]

Kip Reissner: Where there's oxygen, there can be life. And where there's life, there's death.

Helen Salinger: There you go again, Kip. Why is it that the unknown always frightens people? Why can't we expect love and friendship instead of death?

Kip Reissner: I'm all for love. And friendship. But I worry.

Alpha: You are now one of us. Ask anything.

Helen Salinger: Well, I... I-I still can't be sure whether you're speaking my language or I yours.

Alpha: We need no language, Helen. We can project our thoughts long distances, as you well know. Someday, we will teach you. In the meantime, we will speak your tongue. Just as we speak all of Earth's tongues.

Beta: Remember that our generation predates yours by centuries.

Helen Salinger: What you taught me about celestial navigation made me look like quite a genius. But why me, Alpha, and not the others?

Beta: We have no use for men.

Alpha: What Beta means is that we have no contact or control over them as we do among ourselves. It seemed rather difficult to get a crew entirely composed of women. We decided to concentrate on you.

Douglas 'Doug' Smith: I wonder what the folks back home would think if they knew I was having dinner with a beautiful moon woman.

Douglas 'Doug' Smith: Incidentally, where are your men folk?

Lambda: You're the first man I've ever seen. Ours died off when I was still a child.

Douglas 'Doug' Smith: Gee, it's a lucky thing we came along. Oh, I mean, so you'd know what a man looks like.

[last lines]

Douglas 'Doug' Smith: Moon Rocket 4 calling White Sands. Moon Rocket 4 calling White Sands, come in... You hear me, White Sands?

White Sands: What? Who? White Sands to rocket, is that you?

Douglas 'Doug' Smith: Don't blow a gasket, White Sands. We're coming in. Leaving moon at 01:17 your time.

White Sands: Well, what happened?

Douglas 'Doug' Smith: That is a long story. Over to and out.