William Phipps told interviewer Tom Weaver, "When I saw that spaceship set, I thought I was workin' for Soupy Sales! And that giant spider! They held it up with big ropes above us on the cave set and dropped it down on our heads. At the time, I thought it was the most outrageous, absurd thing in the world--how did spiders get on the moon?! It was all just incredible--I thought, 'How can anybody put this in a movie? It's gonna ruin it!'"

The control cabin of the rocket is recycled from Project Moon Base (1953).

Originally released to theaters in 3-D.

Film music enthusiasts will note Elmer Bernstein's credit for the score, while space art enthusiasts will recognize the moonscapes by Chesley Bonestell.

The film influenced the lyrics of three songs on Shakespear's Sister 1992 album "Hormonally Yours": "Catwoman", "Moonchild" and their UK #1 hit "Stay". The video-clip to that latter song was also inspired by the film.

Two of the spacesuits are sets from Destination Moon (1950).

Released on 9/3/53. The following day Project Moon Base (1953) was released using the same costumes and sets.