This was planned to be filmed in 3D, but was eventually filmed in 2D, the first feature to employ spherical Panavision lenses.

William Holden did not shave his chest for his shirtless scene in this movie (as he did for most of his other "beefcake" scenes of the 1950s), thus giving audiences one of their best looks at his normally lush growth of chest hair.

Richard Anderson was wounded during the "arrow rain" scene, wounded in the shoulder and the leg.

The film was the biggest John Sturge's money maker so far. It grossed 1,4 million dollars over a year, 200 000 more than grossed Quo Vadis, which, because of its prohibiting time, was forced to fewer bookings.

The film serves as inspiration for the fifth title in the Belgian comic book series Les Tuniques Bleues (The Bluecoats) by Raoul Cauvin and Willy Lambil, a graphic novel titled "Les Déserteurs" (1975)