• Character error

    When the officer and First Sergeant Warden are conversing over Private Prewitt's body, the officer calls First Sergeant Warden, "sir". In the United States Army, noncommissioned officers are never called, "sir". Only commissioned officers and warrant officers are addressed as "sir".

  • Continuity

    When Prewitt dies, his face turns to his left-hand side. Later his face appears turned to the right.

  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs

    When Sgt. Warden is on the roof machine gunning Japanese planes, he is holding the gun by the barrel which, after a few rounds, would be too hot to handle. The machine gun has an asbestos glove used to switch the barrel when it gets too hot. Sgt. Warden is using the glove to hold the barrel.

  • Revealing mistakes

    In the close-ups of the newspaper articles about the search for Sgt. Judson's murderer, read by Warden and Lorene, it's obvious that that story has been pasted over a real newspaper article and that everything after the lead paragraph is taken from an altogether different article, since after the first paragraph none of the text has anything to do with the Judson story, and even the typeface is entirely different.

  • Revealing mistakes

    When the soldiers go pick up Prewitt's dead body, his stomach can be seen rising from diaphragm breathing.