Barnyard Dog: Hut-two-three-four! Hut-two-three-four! Hut-two-three-four! Halt! About-face! Hut-two-three-four! Hut-two-three-four! Hut-two-three-four! Hut-two-three-four!

Foghorn Leghorn: That dog... I say, that dog's strictly G.I. Gibberin' idiot, that is.

Foghorn Leghorn: Dog, I say, hey dog, what am I doin' on the oustide of the fence? I belong on the inside. I demand you put me back where I belong... dog!

Barnyard Dog: [picks up Foghorn] All right! All right! I'll put youse back!

[somehow jams Foghorn into the knothole in the fence, tearing off his feathers in the process]

Foghorn Leghorn: Brrr! Someb... I say, somebody close the door. I feel a draft.

Weasel: Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

[slurps up a storm]

Foghorn Leghorn: [Lifts a loose plank in the fence and leans out of the fence through the hole it creates] Hey, Dog! This kn-, I say this knothole seems to be loose! I better glue it tight before a chick gets out!

[Pulls small wooden circle out of knothole and disappears back inside fence]

Barnyard Dog: [Pounds on previously loose plank] Hey! Gimme dat!

[Foghorn looks through hole in fence and puts a chick through the hole]

Barnyard Dog: [Weasel grabs the chick]

Barnyard Dog: [Smacks weasel] Drop that!

[Picks up chick to put it safely back inside the fence]

Barnyard Dog: I oughta moidalize the big overstuffed feather duster!

Foghorn Leghorn: I say, that dawg's busier than a centipede at a toe-countin' contest.