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  • Plop Goes the Weasel is classic Foghorn Leghorn and to me one of his best. The story is rather routine in the middle, which is quite common with the Foghorn cartoons, but the sense of fun and crisp, breakneck(without feeling rushed) pacing help to maintain interest. The animation is fluid and colourful, no blocky backgrounds, character animation or dull colouring to be seen. The music always helps bring energy to Looney Tunes, and the jaunty orchestration and catchy tunes brings so much energy to the story and the humour. The arrangement of Pop Goes the Weasel in the opening credits couldn't have been more perfect. The writing is full of the sharp wit, endearing repetitive phrases for Foghorn and inspired puns that you associate Foghorn and Looney Tunes with. The interplay between Foghorn and Barnyard Dog is constantly hilarious, though Plop Goes the Weasel is one of those cases where Barnyard has the best line. The gags are well-timed and clever, they are just the sort that you'll find with Foghorn but none of them fall into the trap of being predictable. Foghorn as ever steals the show, though the Weasel is priceless, Barnyard is deliciously cunning and the chicks are adorable. Mel Blanc's vocal characterisations are stellar. All in all, a great classic cartoon. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    . . . would turn over the Next Generation to Sworn Foreign Enemies, while constantly bad-mouthing the Proper Authorities as they desperately attempt to sound an alarm? In a tale ripped from Tomorrow's Headlines (that is, TODAY'S!!), Warner's crack team of Animated Shorts Seers (aka, The Looney Tuners) present Foghorn Leghorn as the subversive hot air-blathering White House Game-Show-Host-in-Chief (aka, Red Commie KGB Chief Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin's Oval Office Sock Puppet), the Deplorable Don Juan Rump during this seven-minute cartoon, PLOP GOES THE WEASEL. Just as Rump has been getting his jollies by feeding U.S. Special Forces to Terrorists in Africa and then making fun of their widows, Foghorn Leghorn turns over an entire herd of defenseless yellow chicks to a Putin stand-in taking the form of a Wild Weasel, a congenital chicken thief. As Barnyard Dog valiantly tries to carry out his oath of office by saving America's Young, Foghornblower denigrates him at every turn, just as Rump has been Seditious to the point of Serial High Treason for nine years with his Red Commie Propaganda Sewage spewing forth from his mouth slandering his predecessor, the CIA, the FBI, Gold Star Families, Baseball, Apple Pie, and Mom's Chevrolet. Warner Bros. prophetically closes this PLOP GOES THE WEASEL outing by suggesting that hanging or a firing squad would be too pleasant of fates from a Quisling Traitor such as Rump. Instead, Warner Bros. concludes PLOP GOES THE WEASEL with Foghorn\Rump being slow roasted to death over hot coals. It's good to know that coal may prove useful for some purpose, after all.
  • A persistent weasel is trying his darnedest to get past the barnyard fence to eat some chickens, but Barnyard Dog is stopping him at every turn. Then, of course, Foghorn Leghorn gets involved and tries to make the dog's job as hard as possible. Funny short with three enjoyable characters. Foghorn messing with Barnyard Dog and vice versa never gets old. That creepy-looking weasel steals the show, though. It's guaranteed to make you smile. Lovely animation with bright, vibrant colors. Wonderful voice work from the great Mel Blanc. The music is bouncy and upbeat. It's a good Foghorn Leghorn short; not one of his best but solid entertainment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was the 66th short Robert McKimson directed, and it's one of the greats. This is the debut of The Weasel. This cartoon played a lot when I was a child, so the Weasel just seems to be another essential member of the Looney tunes family to me. He is in only a few cartoons, but he is unique in that he's primal, like many other Looney Tunes adversaries, but pathetically naïve rather than scary (like the Tasmanian Devil), nor is he lovable (like Beaky Buzzard). The beauty of the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons(and Looney Tunes in general)is the way the characters were complete jerks to each other; the opening of this cartoon where Foghorn keeps letting out chicks, and then himself, is a tour de force one character torturing the other.