Jose Esqueda: Can you imagine a smile on Barton's face?

Rio: It's the only place where a smile could be ugly.

Jose Esqueda: The strong will fight the strong, Señora, for possession of the weak. You see, it's not a personal matter at all.

Cordelia Cameron: And the meek shall never inherit the earth.

Jose Esqueda: Only six feet of it, Señora.

Rio: You wouldn't kill anything; unless it was alive.

Jose Esqueda: Your blessing, Father.

Father Antonio: My blessing is as good as your intention.

Rio: A man should have faith only in his dog and his enemies.

Sheriff Parker: I thought you were working for Cameron.

Rio: You can think almost anything you want.

Sheriff Parker: I can also do almost anything I want. Like, putting you in the jug or even like taking your hardware away from you and turning you loose. What would you be in this town without your gun?

Rio: Just another funeral nobody went to.

Rio: Now, amigo, I'll bet you something. I bet you all this money that I can shoot a cigarette out of your mouth at 10 paces - without killing you.

Mexican at Bar: How can I win?

Rio: If I win, you won't have any money to worry about. If I miss, you won't have any further need of money. A worry of any kind. What could be better than that?

Rio: I've seen you before. Where?

Mexican at Bar: We have ridden together.

Rio: That's possible. I've ridden with all the scum of the earth. Nothing personal, amigo. I'm scum, myself.

Barton: They'll be waiting there for you with a knot in a rope. There's a new officer that has taken over the gringo army and he'd rather hang you than die a Christian.

Jose Esqueda: Do not think that because I talk much, I see little. She is truly beautiful to see. But, dangerous to touch - like a flame. Like a flame of ice. Can you imagine it, Rio? And from another world that looks upon ours with contempt. Her look was like a *slap* across our faces. Did you not feel the sting, Rio? Is it not true?

Sheriff Parker: [to King] I told you when you first came here what kind of country this was and what kind of men were loose in it. I told you what kind of a gamble it was. But, you still wanted to play. Well, you lost. But, you still got a Mexican standoff.

Cordelia Cameron: And what is that?

Sheriff Parker: He's alive.

King Cameron: As long as he's allowed to survive, the State of Texas is in a position of - of a circus being run from the - monkey cage.

Cordelia Cameron: It's too much and too long and I'm sick of it. Men killing each other for somebody's land or somebody's crop or dream! Does it all end in a killing? And then begin again with another killing? Is that all we are? Is that all there is?

King Cameron: I told her to go into Brownsville with the Priest. I might as well told the wind which way to blow.

Rio: Whatever you say to a woman, except when you speak of love, you'll be talking to yourself.

Jose Esqueda: To break a horse is nothing. I'm going to let you break a man.

Rio: That is something.

Rio: In this country, Señora, the only sure thing about tomorrow is that it will arrive.

Jose Esqueda: I understand him, Señora. He likes to be insolent. He likes to be insolent. He hides behind his contempt like some women do behind their beauty.


Jose Esqueda: But, I understand him. I do not understand you.

Cordelia Cameron: I wish you would try, Señor.

Jose Esqueda: I'm finding it irresistible.

Cordelia Cameron: You're not a man who takes a job to brand another man's cattle. You're not a Vaquero someone hires for a round up.

Rio: What am I?

Cordelia Cameron: I don't know what you are.

Jose Esqueda: What a man takes, he has to keep at his own risk - whether it be a country or a woman. It's that simple, Señora. There is nothing more to say about it.

Jose Esqueda: They ride like old women whose bones are petrified.

Jose Esqueda: They will unite and become strong. They will hunt us down. If we are unlucky enough to avoid their bullets, they will hang us! You wish to see that day, Rio? You thinking I'm afraid.

Rio: Only of hanging. What does it matter to the dead man how he died?

Jose Esqueda: They'll hang many men, Rio. And they will hang many more. But, not Jose Esqueda!

Jose Esqueda: In the name of the law, Sheriff, I am taking this town.

Sheriff Parker: What law?

Jose Esqueda: The law of the bullet.

[last lines]

Cordelia Cameron: Let me take you home.

Jose Esqueda: I'm gonna take them. I'm gonna take them. I'm gonna give it to you. The money, the wine and the women!

[the bandits rejoice]

Rio: My life, Señora, means little to anyone - and less to me.

Rio: It's strange, Padre, the most valuable thing in the world is always the cheapest: life.