Mrs. Victoria McChesney: [Mrs. McChesney is explaining to her adopted daughter why a little boy at school called her a bast - -] That word at school. It frightened you, didn't it? Do you know what it means?

[Patsy shakes her head]

Mrs. Victoria McChesney: And still it frightens you?

Patsy: I know it's bad.

Mrs. Victoria McChesney: Well, now, it's not really bad at all! Some people think it's bad just because they don't understand. You see, Patsy, what happened was that a lovely young girl met a handsome young man and they fell in love, but for some reason they couldn't get married. I don't know what the reason was, and it doesn't matter, but their sin is not yours, and they're paying for it terribly.

Patsy: How?

Mrs. Victoria McChesney: Because they haven't got you, sweetheart.

Mrs. Victoria McChesney: Mr. McChesney always uses a long word whenever he can avoid a short one.