Richard Sturges: [after Richard and Julia have been quarreling over who will have custody of their son] May dear Julia, I've been around enough bridge tables to recognize someone who's holding a high trump - play it now if you will.

Julia Sturges: We'll discuss it later.

Richard Sturges: Now!

Julia Sturges: All right, Richard. One question first?

Richard Sturges: If it's about Norman, you know the answer. No court in the world, no power in the heavens can force me to give up my son.

Julia Sturges: He is not your son.

Stoker: Don't go in there, sir. The starboard boiler's gone and the port one's about to go.

Rev. Headley: Are there men in there?

Stoker: A few, pinned under the rig. For God's sake mister, don't go in there.

Rev. Headley: For God's sake, I am going in there.

Richard Sturges: [after a crewman plays a trumpet to announce dinner] Why do the British find it necessary to announce dinner as if it were a cavalry charge.

Richard Sturges: [after Richard has rejected his son Norman when Richard discovers that he is not Norman's true father] As you pointed out, Norman and I began as strangers. So be it.

Julia Sturges: Oh, my poor Richard. How you hate me, and for the wrong reasons. Not because I committed an offense against common decency, but because Norman isn't an elegant extension of Richard Ward Sturges. For you what happened isn't a mortal sin, it's an inexcusable breach of etiquette.

Richard Sturges: Thank you, Julia. I stand reproved.

Maude: [after Richard has rejected his son Norman and refused to play in the shuffleboard match with him] It certainly clouded up. Well, word'll do it faster than a hickory stick any time.

Maude Young: [running to the lifeboat] Give me one of them paddles!

Annette Sturges: Mama, you should have protested. It's a really bad table. There's not a person we know at the end of this room.

Julia Sturges: Be brave Annette. These tragedies happen sometimes in life.

Richard Sturges: Finish your coffee, Julia. Then, we'll take a little walk around the deck while I tell you what I think of you.

Julia Sturges: I have no interest in what you have to say, and I'm in no hurry to finish my coffee.

Julia Sturges: Oh Richard, where did we miss out on each other? I beg your pardon, Sir. I put you down as a useless man, someone to lead a cotillion.

Richard Sturges: After all, it was my major talent.

Julia Sturges: I'm sorry, sorry about everything.

Richard Sturges: We have no time to catalog our regrets. All we can do is pretend 20 years didn't happen. It's June again. You were walking under some Elm trees in a white muslin dress, the loveliest creature I ever laid eyes on. That summer, when I asked you to marry me, I pledged my eternal devotion. I would take it as a very great favor Julia, if you would accept a restatement of that pledge.

[They embrace passionately]

Maude Young: Where I come from this is either a revival meeting or a crap game.

Richard Sturges: We may be having sand for supper.

Earl Meeker: Hey, you can't come up here. This is reserved for first class only.

Richard Sturges: Really. I'll do my best to behave properly.

Maude Young: I've seen that look before. He's a runaway.

Earl Meeker: From what, some woman?

Maude: No, he's running too fast for that.

[to Julia]

Richard Sturges: Twenty years ago I made the unpardonable error of thinking I could civilize a girl who bought her hats out of a Sears-Roebuck catalog.

Julia Sturges: [after losing the argument with Richard, when their daughter decides not to stay with her mother in Michigan but to return to Europe with her father on the next boat] Thank you, Richard. You were most helpful. Now you see why I wanted to steal a little more time.

Richard Sturges: Please, Julia. Let's not bicker, since there's no love lost between us.

Julia Sturges: That's the tragic part, Richard. There's been so much love lost between us.

Maude: Over trump! Never send a baby for the beer!

crewman: All passengers go to their cabins and put on lifejackets. There is no cause for alarm!

Rev. Headley: [after Julia has escorted the inebriated Rev. Headley back to his cabin] I want to thank you for not mentioning my strange luggage.

Julia Sturges: Are you a minister?

Rev. Headley: Priest. Or, rather, I was until last week. At three o'clock on April the eighth, my duties, my privileges, as a servant of God were formally terminated. It was this.

[indicating a bottle]

Rev. Headley: You know why I started, at least the reason I gave myself? A priest in a slum parish knows all the sadness of the world. He needs support. I used to lean on a little Hennessey's. Just a little at first. People said, "Well, that's only natural. Young Father has a bad cold." But it got so I used to have those colds in the middle of July. Lots of 'em. I can hear the Bishop's voice now: "You prefer that stuff to your God?" Well, God and I knew better, but I couldn't stop because I had a private devil all my own. In Rome, they were very kind, but they were very final. I was sacked, and prayed for, and sent off in the morning. How do you cover that in ten words, in a wireless, to a family that loved you and sacrificed for you?


Rev. Headley: You see, my dear lady, you're not the only one who walks in trouble.

Julia Sturges: [after a pause, understandingly] Good night.

Second Officer Lightoller: [while loading Collapsable D] Please sit down the moment you get in the boat.

Second Officer Lightoller: [He turns to see an old woman standing next to him] Alright, Mrs Straus.

Ida Straus: Please sir, no.

Second Officer Lightoller: [Looking confused] But Mrs Straus this is the last lifeboat!

Ida Straus: Please Sir, I have been with Mr Straus most of my life, and I will not leave him now.

[Mr and Mrs Straus embrace]

Second Officer Lightoller: [Lightoller sighs, and turns to another woman] Alright madam.

Second Officer Lightoller: [shouting through Mega-Phone] Lower away!

Gifford "Giff" Rogers: If you get a good omlette, who cares whether the chicken likes you or not?

Richard Sturges: [to Annette and Norman in their lifejackets] You two look fat and funny in those, sort of like Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Richard Sturges: You crazy woman. You're talking about the most important thing in my life. I have plans for Norman.

Julia Sturges: What plans? That he should grow up to be you?

Richard Sturges: Possibly. I'm satisfied. Is it so extraordinary that I should want to have some hint, some portion of myself survive?

Julia Sturges: Some portion of... Oh yes, I forgot, the best dressed man of his day. That's what they're going to put on your tombstone. Well, that may be all right for you, but I won't have it for Norman. He stays with me!

Julia Sturges: Before you go down and eat and drink, you'd better know how things are going to be. I've given up on Annette. Her standards will always be the chic club, the best table, the royal enclosure, and that's her decision. She's almost of age. But, Norman is still a child. I'm not taking any chances with him. He stays in America.

Richard Sturges: Now wait a minute, Julia. What is this all about?

Julia Sturges: I should think it would be perfectly clear. I'm not going to see Norman thrown away. He stays with me. And if you try to interfere, I'll be as common as you think I am! I'll fight you tooth and nail! I'll take you to the courts!

Richard Sturges: [closing the cabin door] Could you be common in a slightly lower voice.

Julia Sturges: I'll say it in any tone you want! I'll whisper it. I'll write it down, but that's the way it's going to be! He stays with me!

Richard Sturges: [after Annette's meal is delivered] May I bone your kipper, mademoiselle?

End Narrator: Thus, on April the 15th, Nineteen Hundred and Twelve, at 0220 hours, as the passengers sang a Welsh hymn, the RMS Titanic passed from the British registry. Seven hundred twelve people in 19 lifeboats survived.