Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Unhappy with life in England, Julia Sturges take herself, and her 2 children abroad the "unsinkable" white star liner RMS Titanic. Her husband, Richard Sturges, manages to buy a steerage ticket from another family to battle with Julia for custody. Julia considers Annette "grown up" and lets her make her own decisions, while Norman needs care from his mother. It is an adventure of different things until the ship hits an iceberg. an alarm is sounded while Richard tries to convince his family that they will be safe, even though he found out that the ship will sink. the ship begins to lean to its port side, and then forward. Julia and Annette are safe in a lifeboat, while Norman and Richard are left on the ship to die. They sing a "welsh hymn" until the ship explodes multiple times, and eventually explodes indefinitely, and goes down.