Jenny Stewart: Your idea of art's the fruit in the slot machine.

[first lines]

Jenny Stewart: Hold the record.

[last lines]

Jenny Stewart: Believe me, Duchess has her limitations.

Jenny Stewart: Well, I happen to *like* it unorthodox, arbitrary, and abrupt!

Jenny Stewart: [to a male dancer] Smile, or we get another boy.

Jenny Stewart: That stuff will kill ya, someday.

Charles Maylor: Yeah, if I'm lucky.

Jenny Stewart: Carl, after you drop me will you take Mr. Norton home.

Chauffeur: Yes ma'am. What's your address Mr. Norton?

Jenny Stewart: Any dark bar.

Jenny Stewart: You took long enough to get here.

Cliff Willard: I didn't even stop for breakfast.

Jenny Stewart: So, you know where the gin is.

Joe Denner: [Impatienty, upon being advised that Jenny, who is very late, has finally arrived for rehearsal] Well, what's she waiting for? Tell her the red carpet's at the cleaners!