Bud Anderson: You've been around so long and seen so much and done so much, and still manage to look so good.

Jim Anderson: Thanks a lot!

Bud Anderson: I think you look real young. Honest. Younger than Joe Phillips' dad, younger than Claude Mesner's uncle, why even younger than...

Jim Anderson: Bud, before you have me back in kindergarten, see who's at the door, will you?

Kathy: Aww! Turn Blue.

Bud Anderson: This is a special delivery for Dad from the Universal Alumni Association.

Jim Anderson: I wonder how much money they want now.

[Bud is shaking Jim's letter, trying to read it]

Jim Anderson: Why don't you hold it up to the light so you can see it better?

Bud Anderson: Never thought of that.

[Holds it up to the light]

Bud Anderson: Can't see a thing.

Jim Anderson: Bud, as long as it's addressed to me, do you mind letting me have it?

Bud Anderson: How many were in your class, Dad?

Jim Anderson: Oh, 2-300 I guess.

Bud Anderson: How many are left?

Bud Anderson: I saw your insurance chart once and it says the life expectancy of the average man is...

Jim Anderson: Bud, for your information, I look barely in my '40s. That hardly qualifies me for the home for the aged. Yet.

James 'Bud' Anderson, Jr.: Boy what a break, sweet and tender.

Kathy: You can always depend on me.

Margaret Anderson: Well, I suppose Father knows best.