• WARNING: Spoilers

    Father Knows Best, is a wonderful classic television show with a great look into American Family life with mom, dad and their growing children in small city USA. From 1954 - 1963 audiences enjoyed and tuned into the 206 episodes created. The popular show went into reruns immediately after the shows cancellation and has never left the air waves.

    With father Robert Young, wife and mother Jane Wyatt with the three children; sisters Elinor Donahue, Lauren Chapin and Brother Billy Gray the timeless story plots are fun, entertaining and timeless.

    These classic show writers (D. D. Beauchamp, Paul West and Roswell Rogers to name a few) create real warm life episodes with emotion, sincerity and true family values. Each episode with titles like, Lesson in Citizenship, Thanksgiving Story, Lessons in Civics, Christmas Story and Bad Influence wrap around the interaction between family members at home and their community.

    Most episodes were expertly directed by Peter Tewksbury and with each week the Anderson Family invites you into their middle class home and you watch how the family deals with real life topics.

    Family values and how the simplest of story themes visited have not changed much in the nearly six decades from the 1st episode. Father Knows Best, television show continues to be very popular and this has made a connection with the watching public then and now. Timeless entertainment whether seen in 1954 or today will always have a large following. The sitcom topics are real with weekly family stories and viewer interest does not look as if it will slow any time soon.