Det. Lt. Sims: You know, it isn't what a man wants to do, Lacey, but what he has to do. Now take me - I love to smoke cigarettes, but the doctors say I can't have them. So what do I do? I chew toothpicks, tons of them.

Dr. Otto Hessler: People. They accept the love of a dog, and when it gets old and sick they say put it to sleep.

Ellen Lacey: But you haven't done anything! You're innocent!

Steve Lacey: Once you do a stretch, you're never clean again! You're never free! They've always got a string on you, and they tug, tug, tug! Before you know it, you're back again!

Steve Lacey: How come the smart guys are inside and the dopes outside?

'Doc' Penny: Think about that wife of yours, Steve. You can't afford to make any mistakes.