Was filmed in 3-D, hence the scenes of an avalanche, a forest fire, steep glacier cliffs and the sparking electrical live wire.

The hotel featured in the movie is the Glacier Park Hotel in East Glacier Park, MT, now called the Glacier Park Lodge.

One of a string of "resort thrillers" in the early 1950s, including His Kind of Woman (1951) and Second Chance (1953), both set in Mexico, and Niagara (1953), set in Niagara Falls, NY.

The red tour buses shown are original and still in use today. They are Model 706 built by the White Motor Company from 1936-1939. Called Jammer buses, they do tours of the Going To The Sun across Glacier National Park. They were rebuilt in the early 2000's to run on propane and install automatic transmissions.

Gotta love Hollywood. Piper Laurie's character treks across mountains in dress, hose, high heels and immaculate hair.

The company stayed in cabins at Glacier National Park during filming. Walter Reed shared a room with Dennis Weaver.