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  • I probably have seen this movie at least 20 times. Needless to say, I have it totally memorized. I guess there are many reasons why I like this movie. To begin with, I have a crush on Miroslava. She is so beautiful. I recently acquired a DVD copy of the movie, and her stunning good looks are even better showcased. For those of you that don't know it, she was born in Chekoslovakia and raised in Mexico. There is, unfortunately, a tragic end to her story in real life... Anyway, I am also a fan of Pedro Infante, and he delivers a superb performance as the "vagabundo." There are many scenes I just thoroughly enjoy, such as the whole party scene, that includes Pedro serenading the party guests, and the dinner scene. Lastly, I just like the simple, but well developed plot.
  • This is one of the classic funny and crazy films in Mexico. With a cast full of starts of the time it was one of the smash hits of the mid 50's and one of the most remembered films of Miroslava. Just a proof that some old mexican films -not developed in a ranch or in the country- are really good.
  • I would like to say that this is one of the best films of Pedro Infante and probably one of the best of Mexican film industry. Pure comedy. The jokes are very natural and ordinary, the conversations among the characters are funny without being silly and boring.

    It´s fair to say that all the performances are brilliant, as the film is full of stars. The beauty of Miroslava and two of the most handsome men, Infante and Casanova. Blanca de Castrejon and Anabel Gutierrez (she was only 17!!!) funny as ever, and the experience of two great comedy actors: Oscar Pulido and Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo.

    You have to see this movie, wherever you live. And if you´re a Pedro Infante fan, I´m sure you know what I´m talking about.
  • mitchmcc17 February 2007
    I liked this movie, because I am learning Spanish, and because I like Pedro Infante as a singer.

    Last night, we watched a movie on cable called "Merrily We Live", which was made in 1938. This movie, which starred Constance Bennett and Brian Aherne as the daughter and the bum, respectively, is an exact copy of that one, down to some of the scenery! For example, the opening scene where Pedro's car sputters up the hill, and then rolls back over the cliff while he gets water for it.

    Just thought fans of "Escuela" might like to know, and to check this out if it comes back on television.