Miroslava committed suicide almost 5 weeks after this movie was released.

Ortiz de Pinedo was cuban, Blanca de Castejón was puertorrican, Miroslava was Czheck, and Eduardo Alcaraz was Chilean. All of them played mexican characters.

Pedro Infante performs 5 songs in this film: "Dumont y Lucrecia", "Nana Pancha", "Grito Prisionero", "Quien Sera" and "Cucurrucucu Paloma".

This movie is based on My Man Godfrey. Rogelio A. González, the director, adapted the story to a Mexican family of millionaires.

Actress Lilia Durán, who plays the flirty character Patricia Vértiz, 3 years earlier played Pedro Infante's fake sister the movie "El Mil Amores".

According to Anabelle Gutiérrez, the final scene, when Pedro Infante dunks Miroslava into the fountain, was not in the script and was a surprise for the actress, who does not break character, but emerges from the water startled and laughing.

Actress Anabelle Gutiérrez stated in an interview that, in the scene where everybody trips with each other in the kitchen while carrying pitchers filled with water, she really slipped on the water on the floor, fell down hard and hurt herself for real. You can see her pull her dress down, as it rode up waist high, and get up painfully while stroking her posterior and trying to walk away as the script indicated.