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  • A lot of the Bowery Boys movies had the theme that Sach discovered a new power-- whether a K.O. punch in the boxing ring, or a wonderful singing voice, etc. In this film, Sach develops the power to "smell" diamonds! (Sach got it from taking a new antibiotic, "Striptopifficin" 50,000 micrograms, for a sinus "infatuation.") When a jewel thief runs into Louie's Sweet Shop, and tries to hide some stolen diamonds from a policeman, Sach sniffs out the loot-- "a king's transom" of diamonds, as Slip says. So the Boys decide to sniff out diamonds in Africa. Actually, they spend a lot of time on a sound stage with trees and tropical plants, and look at mis-matched stock footage of the Serengeti Plain (sort of like an episode of "Ramar of the Jungle"). They hack through a steaming jungle, where the temperature is 130 degrees "centipede." Sach meets beautiful jungle girl Anatta (Laurette Luez), with the same beauty salon hairdo, eye shadow and lipstick she had as Tigri in "Prehistoric Women" (1950). She wants to "Kiss, kiss, kiss" Sach (who said these movies make sense)? The Boys are captured by a hostile tribe, and the witch doctor wants to shrink everyone's head (except Sach's). Slip bemoans, "I don't know one place in New York City that sells 1-and-7/8 size hats!" Will they escape? Will they find the diamonds? Will they ever see the Bowery and Louie's Sweet Shop again? Watch the movie and enjoy!

    A Bowery Boys movie, written by Edward Bernds and Elwood Ullman. It doesn't get any better than this. And if you don't think this movie has one of their prettiest guest stars in Laurette Luez, you should get your eyes examined by an "octopus" (oculist).
  • bkoganbing26 October 2012
    If as Carol Channing and Marilyn Monroe sang that Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend than it would have been in Lorelei's interest to befriend Huntz Hall because in Jungle Gents a sinus operation has left Sach with a nose that can smell where diamonds are located. What to do with that but go to Africa and do a little prospecting.

    The whole Bowery Boys gang including Bernard Gorcey who once again leaves Louie's Sweet Shop to accompany Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall and the rest to the Dark Continent. Of course diamonds already mined and out of the ground are easier to find which leads the boys into contact with some smugglers played by Patrick O'Moore and Rudolph Anders.

    Really at this point the series was sliding downhill. How many more plots can they have where Huntz Hall develops some strange power that gets them all in a jackpot?
  • In many of the later Bowery Boys films, the plots involve Sach developing some sort of strange superhuman power--one that seems to disappear before the next film. Some examples of Sach's powers in films are super strength, the ability to predict numbers at gambling and mind reading...but the strangest has got to be here in "Jungle Gents". It seems that due to a sinus infection and his medication, Sach has the weird ability to sniff out diamonds with his nose!! Soon the boys and Louie find themselves in Africa...looking for lost diamonds. Talk about a strange, contrived plot!!!

    A major strike against the film is the lack of originality. Sure, being able to smell diamonds IS original...but Sach developing super powers eventually became a cliché because this plot device was used so often. Of course, you don't expect Shakespeare or a Truffaut picture when it comes to the Bowery Boys!! There is also a strike against the extensive use of what is obviously stock footage...which you'd expect in a low-budget B-movie. You also get a giant stuffed lion which attacks Sach. In other words, it's not particularly distinguished and is like most of their later films...a bit lame. For better films, try to find the earlier Bowery Boys as well as the East Side Kids pictures.

    By the way, the director and co-writer, Edward Bernds, also directed quite a few of the Three Stooges films...including the really lame later ones. He also did several of the Blondie and Dagwood pictures. So, he would appear to be in his element working here with the Bowery Boys.
  • Sach's special power this time is smelling diamonds and the special location the boys are headed to is Africa. Yeah it's time for another misadventure of everybody's favorite group of morons, The Bowery Boys. This is the thirty-fifth entry in the series, of which I'm generally a fan. However, it's pretty obvious not much thought was put into the stories. But that's not the end of the world, provided Leo Gorcey still has some funny malapropisms and Huntz Hall can find new ways to contort his face. I found Huntz flat-out annoying in this one. Leo has some funny lines, though. As usual, Bernard Gorcey is the highlight as the lovable Louie. David Gorcey and Bennie Bartlett are hanging around in the background. Laurette Luez is the obligatory pretty girl this time around. Look out for Clint Walker at the end. It's enjoyable enough for what it is but, like many of the later Bowery Boys films, the first half is the best. So if you start watching it and aren't laughing within the first twenty minutes or so, you're probably not going to.
  • Jungle Gents (1954)

    ** (out of 4)

    The Bowery Boys head to Africa after its learned that Sach (Huntz Hall) has the ability to smell diamonds. Once in Africa they must battle natives, lions and of course some bad guys who want to steal the diamonds. By the time this entry came along it was doubtful anyone was expecting any type of classic and a classic is exactly what we don't get. JUNGLE GENTS isn't the worst film in the series but at the same time you can tell that the writers started to aim at a lower type of comedy meant to appeal to those under the age of ten. I don't mind that the series is working away from some of the darker entries but at the same time I found much of the humor to just be downright silly and not in a good way. There's a lot of added sound effects, which were clearly being "borrowed" from the Three Stooges shorts but they don't work here. Even Hall is a lot more animated with his facial gestures and they too don't get any laughs. The film contains a lot of stock footage from the BOMBA series and this includes various shots of the wild life. One of the most embarrassing moments in the film is also perhaps the funniest and it's when Sach and Slip are in a tent sleeping an a lion walks in on them. There's some footage of a real lion but then it switches to a fake one and this fake lion is without question the worst prop I've seen from a movie in God knows how long. If you've seen any of pre-1920 versions of THE WIZARD OF OZ you will see that the lion, as expected, is played by a man in costume but you also have humans playing horses and various other animals. Those outfits looked a lot more realistic that the fake lion here but what happens with the boys at least made me laugh. Gorcey must have paid the writers a few extra bucks because his mangled words are faster and happening at a higher rate than the previous entries. Hall and Gorcey are both in the right mood and deliver a few nice moments. Bernard Gorcey is on hand as usual as is Woody Strode in a few scenes. Clint Walker nearly steals the film with a hilarious bit at the end. The thirty-fifth entry in this series isn't one of the best but it' s fast moving enough to where fans will want to watch it.
  • After a diamond heist, Huntz Hall (as Sach Jones) sniffs out some booty, which leads police to believe he's an accomplice. Actually, pill-popping Mr. Hall has acquired the power to smell the presence of diamonds; then, he is released. To wit, leader Leo Gorcey (as Slip Mahoney) decides to take Hall and "Bowery Boys" David "Condon" Gorcey (as Chuck) and Benny "Bennie" Bartlett (as Butch) to the "dark condiment" of Africa. There, they search for a fortune in lost diamonds, and mingle with natives…

    "The Bowery Boys" and "Africa" do not mix. A good rest would have been preferable to this moronic, cheap, and clammy movie. The "lion scenes" are startlingly ineffective - look at them for an example of what NOT to try on a small budget. Gorcey appears alternately tired and angry. Hall is stuck with absolutely humorless material. Curvy Laurette Luez plays a luscious jungle girl in modest one-piece, Woody Strode collects a paycheck, and Clint ("Cheyenne") Walker has a memorable film cameo debut as "Tarzan", just before the curtain closes on "Jungle Gents".

    ** Jungle Gents (9/5/54) Edward Bernds ~ Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, Bernard Gorcey
  • pensman4 December 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    The "boys" were getting a bit long in the tooth when they made this film. Huntz Hall was about 35 but did look younger and Gorcey 37. Regardless, for me Leo Gorcey is the real star. His delivery of completely mangled English in this endeavor is hysterical. Yes you have to credit the writers, but Gorcey's delivery sounds genuine which is the gimmick that makes this work. I wonder if a younger audience in one of today's high schools would even recognize the humor resulting from the absurd mispronunciations and malapropisms. The plot is silly but you are watching the Bowery Boys so it's clear your not seeking highbrow comedy. Should you run across this film you won't be disappointed and Clint Walker has a great bit right at the end.
  • vespatian7512 November 2012
    Since I've reviewed a couple of Grade B Jungle Movies I'll try my hand at this one. I liked it a lot. The Gorceys and Huntz Hall always cracked me up. I regard this as one of their better late outings. Leo Gorcey's malaprops are there in all their glory. My favorite, "Africa, the dark condiment". Louie Dombrowski (Leo's dad Bernard in real life) from the sweet shop bringing his luggage on safari, jungle girl Laurette Luez' ridiculous fight with the stuffed lion to save Satch, most of all the wonderful chemistry between Slip Mahoney (Leo) and Satch(Hall). The thing moves. It doesn't let you think. They paid attention to little things, particularly casting. Laurette Luez is a vision as the Jungle Girl Onata and Clint Walker's cameo as a Tarzan type is priceless. Too bad they didn't make a real Tarzan movie with those two in the lead. Also look for the great Woody Strode as one of the native bearers. Apparently not all of the reviewers were crazy about the flick. It's a matter of taste, but it certainly works for me for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sach all of a sudden has the power to smell diamonds, and after catching a jewel thief in Louis' joint, is taken to Africa with the boys and the unshakable Louis to assist diamond hunters. There, they face headhunters and an evil diamond hunter who cheated out his partner, the man that has brought the boys over. While in Africa, Sach meets a lion killing jungle girl. Wait until you see this lion---it looks like a bad stuffed animal that has been played with for three generations. Typical stock footage and bad dialogue is abound, plus a cave where there is apparently a faceless ghost. Some amusing moments but one of the weakest entries of the last quarter of the series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS*** Taking medication for his allergies Sach's already prominent schnoz becomes super sensitive in being able to sniff out things especially cut and uncut diamonds.

    With this unusual talent Sach together with his fellow "Bowery Boys" Slip Chuck & Butch as well as sweet shop owner Louie Dumbrowsky are recruited by diamond prospector Grimshaw and his ailing partner, in surviving an attack of jungle fever, Trader Horn to travel to Africa known as the "Dark Condiment" to track down a diamond mine that's been lost to history as well as mankind for some 10 years! That's until Sach's super sensitive schnoz got a whiff of it!

    Sach as you would have expected screws things up by using the secret map where the hidden diamonds are supposed to be located for fuel to light a campfire! This first class moron then leads his diamond safari in circles around the jungle for days until it's discovered that the substituted map that he's using is actually an advertisement for womens brassieres! Feeling like a jerk Sach later tries to commit suicide only to screw that up by missing his head with a shotgun that was aimed only inches away from it!

    As things turned out Sach surviving his own stupidity, by trying to kill himself, really lifted the movie "Jungle Gents" up a lot when he's then saved from being eaten by a wild 450 pound lion by Tarzana the jungle girl who ends up killing the King of Beasts single-handed and not as much as getting a scratch on her! While all this is happening ex-Nazi concentration camp doctor Goebel, obviously related to the late Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbles, and his partner Dan Shanks are tracking down the Bowery safari in order to get their hands on the diamonds to use them to undoubtedly start up a new Nazi movement in darkest Africa!

    ***SPOILERS**** It always surprised me in how Sach always gets the girl and how Louie can leave his sweet shop in the Bowery unattended by going on these adventures with the "Bowery Boys" and still be able to pay the rent? Sach's schnoz does in fact sniff out the diamonds but only after Dr.Goebel and Shanks sniff him out at the secret diamond mine in the African jungle. It's then that the giant ghost, that the local natives are sacred stiff of, that guards the diamonds comes to Sach's and the "Bowery Boys" rescue which was totally unnecessary since the "Boys" together with Tarzana had no trouble at all putting the two nogoodniks away on their own!

    It's at the end of the film with the "Bowery Boys" together Louie Dumbrowsky on a riverboat about to leave for home sweet home in the Bowery to the jeers and delight,in finally getting rid of them, of the local native population that Sach decided to stay with his new found girlfriend "kiss Kiss" Tarzana in the African jungle. That's until Tarzana's mate Tarzan himself, played by the six foot six inch tall Clint Walker, unexpectedly shown up making Sach quickly change his mind!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh man, where was Johnny Weismuller when you needed him! Wouldn't it have been something if the Bowery Boys ran into Jungle Jim in this African misadventure? Between his jungle flicks and TV shows, Weismuller probably made about as many pictures as the Bowery Boys, the difference being that Slip and Sach were being goofy on purpose, whereas some of Jungle Jim's stories were just unintentionally hokey. That's why I still get such a kick out of both.

    Well in another story of Sach (Huntz Hall) acquiring an unusual new power, the boys go off to Africa with a jungle trader so Sach can use his nasal ability to sniff out a fortune in diamonds. You know, these movie villains just never figured things out to their advantage. If Sach could lead them to a treasure trove once, you would think they'd want to keep him around to do it over and over again. It's a big world you know.

    The picture has it's obligatory appearance by a chimpanzee and a few lions, but what - no gorillas! What were they thinking? Every comic jungle movie needs a gorilla - just ask Abbott and Costello ("Africa Screams"). In fact there's only one significant animal dust-up when Sach is inadvertently credited for his defeat of a Simba, compliments of jungle goddess Anatta (Laurette Luez). For his effort, Sach is honored as the Bwana Kubwa Kabashi. Or something like that.

    For a minute there, with the appearance of German villain Goebel (Rudolph Anders), I thought there was going to be an attempt made at a Nazi connection, a recurring theme in both Jungle Jim and Tarzan pictures. But it all merely boiled down to the Boys finding the gems or having their heads shrunk to a size one and seven eighths. I wonder if Sachola's nose would have shrunk down in proportion.

    And holy cow!!! - what a way to end the story! Nobody knew him at the time, but today you'll do a quick double take when he appears at the end of the story as a Tarzan-like character - it's Clint Walker!!! So who needs Weissmuller?