Vera Thorne: You can't have someone of Susan's talent teaching village children their five-finger exercises. It would be like harnessing a race horse to a farm cart.

The Dean: Ah there you are Mr Thorne. A most interesting afternoon. There were admirable things in your discourse.

William Thorne: Thank you.

The Dean: But we must see that you have a wastepaper basket with you in the pulpit next time.

Susan Thorne: If I get that scholarship, nothing's going to stop me.

Martin Blake: That's what I was waiting to hear!

William Thorne: We're all dying, my love.

William Thorne: Do you believe that life is a veil of tears? I do not!

William Thorne: I think that was the first time in my life that I've preached to any effect.

William Thorne: They say that when you've come to terms with death, you've come to terms with life also.