Dude Rankin: So this is Colton, huh? Wonder where a man can find some excitement.

Jet Cosgrave: You'll get your belly full of excitement. I want all your men at Sam Allen's stable come sun-up tomorrow and I want you all sober.

Dude Rankin: All right. Let's hit all the saloons and dig 'em out.

Jet Cosgrave: No, I got some personal business to do.

Dude Rankin: Yeah? Well, so do I. It starts with some whiskey. And if you're old enough, you what goes on from there.

Jet Cosgrave: Say, most of these brands you're makin' seem to be The Circle C.

Sam Allen: Well, Circle C's got most of the cattle. The Major don't have much competition these days.

Jet Cosgrave: He has now. I want you to make some irons for me, Sam.

Sam Allen: Sure thing! What brand?

Jet Cosgrave: The Target brand.

[draws a brand almost identical to the Circle C's]

Jet Cosgrave: Like that!

Sam Allen: That brand'll make trouble, son.

Jet Cosgrave: I plan to make a lot of trouble for the Major.

Jet Cosgrave: My father told me when I was 21, I'd get the ranch. If the will says something other than that, it's a forgery.

Andrew Devlin: That's a strong accusation! Can you prove it?

Jet Cosgrave: No.

Andrew Devlin: Then I'm afraid there's no legal way for you to get the Circle C.

Jet Cosgrave: I thought you'd say that. A lawyer's opinion. But I'm no lawyer.

Jet Cosgrave: I'm moving into Newmark Valley with my own brand - The Target.

Major Linton Cosgrave: You won't be staying very long, Jet. You have no rights to Newmark.

Jet Cosgrave: Neither do you.

Major Linton Cosgrave: On the contrary. Hal Newmark's left Colorado. I'm taking care of the valley until he returns.

Jet Cosgrave: He won't return unless it's from the dead and you know it.

Major Linton Cosgrave: My lawyer calls it squatters' rights.

Jet Cosgrave: Tell your lawyer the Newmark has a new squatter and enough guns to keep trespassers out. And that means you, Major.

Dude Rankin: You wanna ride that horse straight up or belly down?

Curly: You didn't have to shoot him in the back!

Dude Rankin: Shoot him in the back? What are you talking about? The fellow went for his gun! I've got eight witnesses to prove it. Or maybe I've only got seven. How about it, Curly?

Curly: Oh, no, Dukey, you have eight!

Jet Cosgrave: Did they give you any trouble?

Dude Rankin: Naw. There was only one Circle C rider on the place. I sent him home tied to his saddle with lead for ballast.

Jet Cosgrave: I'll stick with Curly. I wouldn't want him to be alone when the Major finds out you killed one of his men without giving him a chance.

Dude Rankin: I got eight witnesses that prove I gave that fellow a chance!

Jet Cosgrave: Eight liars.

[Jet tries to help Alice recapture her canary]

Jet Cosgrave: Easy. Don't stampede the livestock.

[eyeing the lovely Alice]

Jet Cosgrave: Colton's a pretty rough town for a lone canary to be loose in.

The Kid: Here's for helpin' the lady. Buy yourself a cigar.

[the Kid tosses Jet a dime]

Jet Cosgrave: You keep it. Until you're old enough to smoke.

[when the Kid tries to pull his pistol, Jet knocks him down]

Cal Prince: Take it easy, Kid! You know the Major doesn't want any gunplay around Miss Alice. Get up! Get in the rig.

The Kid: Maybe you'd like to try again some time - when we don't have an audience.

Jet Cosgrave: Any time you say. Only the second show might be a lot funnier. It'd be a shame if nobody saw it.

Bert: That lady from Virginia sure changed the Major.

Cal Prince: Wait until the marriage and he'll get his same old even disposition back... always mad.

Judy Polsen: I don't suppose I'm the first girl you've ever kissed, but I don't care... as long as I'm the last.

Jet Cosgrave: But after the wedding, don't throw the flowers away. You may need them for a funeral.

Jet Cosgrave: You come to the wrong place, Major.

Major Linton Cosgrave: So did you, Jet.

Jet Cosgrave: I'll give you five minutes to get out of here.

Major Linton Cosgrave: And I'll give you five seconds to go for your gun.

Alice Austin: I'm going home, Linton.

Major Linton Cosgrave: As easy as that. You just walked out on the man you promised to marry.

Alice Austin: I found out you're not the man I promised to marry.

Judy Polsen: Don't try it, Jet! There's nobody that can outshoot Major Cosgrave!

Jet Cosgrave: Maybe another Cosgrave can.