Kay Weston: This country is crawling with Indians, and you're going fishing.

Matt Calder: There are lots of ways to die. Starving to death isn't my favorite.

Kay Weston: One thing about this, the longer you last the less you care.

Matt Calder: He can run but he can't hide.

Kay Weston: [Harry pulls out a pistol] What's that for?

Harry Weston: In case he's hard of hearing.

Matt Calder: It depends on whose ox gets gored.

Kay Weston: I suppose you never made a mistake. You're too perfect. You never made any.

Matt Calder: If a man doesn't know what he's doing or where he's going, the best thing for him to do is just back up and start all over again.

Mark Calder: Why did you name me Mark?

Matt Calder: Simple. I'm Matthew. Mark follows Matthew. It's the Bible.

Mark Calder: I follow you.

Matt Calder: Right.

Mark Calder: And that's how you thought of it?

Matt Calder: Nah, it wasn't me, it was your mother. Come on, let's quit dreaming.

Mark Calder: She's beautiful, isn't she?

Matt Calder: There's an old saying, Mark: "It's only skin-deep."

Mark Calder: What is?

Matt Calder: Beauty.

Mark Calder: How deep should it be?

Matt Calder: Well, ask her, son. She looks like an expert.

Kay Weston: If something's easy to get, people don't care about it. They don't value it. If it's hard to get, well, then you've got something.

Mark Calder: How do you know when you fall in love?

Kay Weston: I dunno. Can't eat or sleep.

Mark Calder: Like an ache in the stomach?

Kay Weston: Same thing - only in the heart.

Matt Calder: We could use some coffee. You got any?

Ben: Got everything but Pâté de Foie Grass. Come on in.

Matt Calder: Now, what's all this? What kind of an act is this?

Kay Weston: I'm a performer. Didn't you know? Songs and dances.

Matt Calder: I think I know you pretty well.

Kay Weston: I think I know you, too.

Matt Calder: Hm? What am I like?

Kay Weston: Really not so bad. Not so tough and grim as you seem. I think you do a little acting yourself.

Mark Calder: You shot him in the back?

Matt Calder: That's right! I shot him, in the back or in the front. What does it matter how you kill a snake? What does it matter which way he's facing?

Matt Calder: The Indians call it the River of No Return. From here on, you'll find out why.

Ben: Matt Calder! Gosh, I thought you was down there on your farm - with a tomahawk in your head.

Matt Calder: No, I like to keep my head, Ben. It's about the only thing I've got left.

Kay Weston: [singing] I lost my love on the river, And for ever my heart will yearn, Gone, gone for ever, Down the River of No Return...

Kay Weston: [singing] There is a river, Called the River of No Return, Sometimes it's peaceful, And sometimes wild and free, Love is a traveler, On the River of No Return, Swept on for ever, To be lost in the stormy sea ..

[last lines]

Kay Weston: Where are you taking me?

Matt Calder: Home.

Matt Calder: Next time you try anything like that, I'll forget you're a woman.

Kay Weston: [singing] I got the fever, Oooooo the fever, But not for gold in the ground, I want the title, To something vital, That I can throw my fences around...

Padre: I expected to find a small trading post, and instead: Sodom and Gomorrah. All because someone has found gold in this earth.

Matt Calder: You looking for it too, padre?

Padre: I came here as a missionary to the Indians. I think the white man will need me more.

Harry Weston: Don't I know you from somewhere?

Matt Calder: Well, that might depend on what you do.

Harry Weston: I'm a gambler.

Matt Calder: Then you don't know me from anywhere.

Harry Weston: I always say "What's the difference?"

Matt Calder: That's what I always say.

Kay Weston: [singing] Down in the meadow, Corn stalks are high, Pumpkins are ripe and ready for pie.

Mark Calder: I said you were beautiful, and he said beauty was skin-deep.

Kay Weston: Who did?

Mark Calder: Matt, my dad. He said it was an old saying.

Kay Weston: It's an old saying by an old crow!

Kay Weston: You said no one could go down the river. You said it'd be suicide if he tried it.

Matt Calder: He's not trying. I am. There's a difference.

Kay Weston: [singing] Down in the meadow, Snow softly gleams, Earth goes to sleep, And smiles in her dreams.

Matt Calder: Don't bring his troubles to me.

Kay Weston: I'll tell you how he didn't treat me. He didn't treat me like a tramp. He treated me like a woman. So he made a mistake. If you had lived like he has all of his life, on crumbs and bones, maybe you'd do a crazy thing if you had a chance to make a fortune. Maybe you'd do a foolish thing yourself.

Matt Calder: I wouldn't leave a kid to die - or a woman, even if she was a tramp.

Harry Weston: How much do you want for your horse and your gun?

Matt Calder: Money? Now what would I do? Plough that field up with a silver dollar and then throw it in some Indian's face?

Mark Calder: How was the water?

Kay Weston: Freezing, but I'm becoming hardened. I guess it's from seeing life in the raw and running around with strong, silent types like you guys.

Matt Calder: Yeah.

Kay Weston: I'm sorry I opened my big mouth in front of the boy. You hurt me and I wanted to hurt you back.

Matt Calder: Well, that's the way it works.

Kay Weston: You don't have to hate me just because you hate him.

Kay Weston: We're never gonna get there, are we?

Matt Calder: Like you said, who gets anywhere?

Kay Weston: You oughta take a dip in the falls yourself. Might wash some of the starch out of you or rust.

Ben: They're all kinda crazy, ain't they?

Matt Calder: What's that, Ben?

Ben: The times! White men chasin' gold. Indians chasin' white men. Army chasin' the Indians.

Ben: What are you chasin', Matt?