Miss Morris: Most men don't enjoy taking money from women.

Harry Steele: That's the best kind. It's the hardest to get and always smells so good.

Harry Steele: Stay down or I'll kick your head right out the window.

Harry Steele: I've seen so many women cry it doesn't impress me anymore.

[first lines]

Miss Morris: Do all the railways in Peru have to go this fast?

Harry Steele: We're trying to get you back to Cusco in time to catch your plane. Don't worry, we've never lost a tourist yet.

Miss Morris: It's been very enjoyable. I've enjoyed the trip.

Harry Steele: You're wondering how you're going to pay me without hurting my feelings, Miss Morris, forget it. Just, uh, take out your roll and start counting.

Miss Morris: You're not exactly timid, are you?

Harry Steele: Not about money. Money sings and I love music.

Harry Steele: Where did Morgan say he'd meet me?

Charlie: The old grotto. Better stay away from that crud.

Harry Steele: I like being around Morgan. Makes me feel honest.

Elena Antonescu: Mr. Steele, Harry Steele?

Young Man at Bar: Well, does the name really matter?

Harry Steele: Yes, because my name is Steele, and I'm bigger than you are.

Miss Morris: [to Harry Steele] For a tall man, you're the smallest man I ever met.

Harry Steele: [to Miss Morris] A girl like you, you're made for somebody like me, and you know it.

Harry Steele: Any private planes due in?

Charlie: No. You always ask if any private planes is due in and the answer is always no.

Harry Steele: Well, someday the answer will be yes.

Charlie: Then what? Supposing a private plane does come in?

Harry Steele: Just between you and me, I'll steal it.