It was possible to film in Egypt as it was before the pro-Soviet Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser seized power. After 1954 few Western films were made in Egypt due to the country's increasing ties with the Soviet Union and China.

Filming in Egypt included views of the exterior and interior of Abu Simbel. The view also includes the Nile river in the background of one shot. The filming location is no longer accessible having been buried under Lake Nasser with the building of the Aswan dam. The massive complex was cut into large blocks and moved uphill between 1964-1968 to save it from being flooded.

The film's 21st of July opening in Cairo and Alexandria marked the first American film world premiere in Egypt.

Although it was announced that Sam Zimbalist would produce the film, the motion picture was released without a producer credit since the film's producer wished to remain anonymous.

Vittorio Gassman was originally cast as Mark Brandon but the role went to Robert Taylor.

This is one of only five films directed by Robert Pirosh.

"Valley Of The Kings" is the second of three collaborations between Eleanor Parker and Robert Taylor. The first was "Above and Beyond" (1952), about Col. Paul Tibbetts, followed by "Valley of the Kings" (1954), then "Many Rivers To Cross" (1955), where Eleanor played a smitten pioneer girl chasing Taylor across the Appalachians.

As the monks work the turnstiles which raise the basket to the top of the wall the chant "Vere" which is Russian for "Faith". It may be assuming therefore they are Russian Orthodox and not Greek Orthodox.

As noted already, the Abu Simbel temple was relocated to avoid flooding by the new Lake Nasser circa 1968. National Geographic May of 1969 has a photo-article on its transport and installation in a new location. This is accessible via National Geographic's web site. There is also a documentary on YouTube about Abu Simbel.

Debut of actress Leora Dana.