Adm. Ryder: What the devil's that?

Cmdr. Fraser: Proof sir.

Adm. Ryder: Proof?

Cmdr. Fraser: Yes sir. Those were dummy charges on the hull of this ship. If they hadn't been dummies, you'd be on the bottom now sir, for the duration.

Smart: Spare a penny for the diver sir!

McCleery: Hey, that's an idea - how do you spend a penny in this contraption?

Lt Tom Corbett: Well boys, we're on our way. Let's pop in quick, blow her sky-high, and home in time for bed, eh?

Lt Tom Corbett: Hatch lever jammed!

Smart: Got a battleship on it - that's why!

Smart: [of the Captain of the Tirpitz] I 'ope 'e's got a smashin' sense of humour!

Lt Alec Duffy: Feeling alright, Cobber?

Smart: Fine. Steward's delight this is, blowing up admirals!

Lt Alec Duffy: When we hear that bang well bail out, and not before!